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conan11 Conan O Brien The Fairy Godfather

Today in entertainment news…

Conan O’ Brien made one couple from Michigan’s dreams come true using the social networking site Twitter. While O’ Brien may be off television for now that hasn’t stopped him from Communicating with the General public.

Since leaving the Tonight Show O’ Brien has been communicating with his fans thanks to the social networking site Twitter…

In an effort to see how other people live O’ Brien decided to follow a complete stranger from Fowlerville Michigan, realizing that she had an impending wedding, O’ Brien decided that he wanted to throw her and fiancée the wedding of their dreams……But there is a catch…..O’ Brein has to be present at the wedding and be the best Man. The Wedding is scheduled for September 25th, and I have a feeling this will make for a great bit on his show, if he’s back on tv by then.

Do you want to smell like  Jennifer Aniston?
j aniston Conan O Brien The Fairy GodfatherAniston has teamed up with the Falick group, the same company that’s behind Eva Longoria-Parker’s fragrance  to create her own line of perfumes. unfortunately if you are dying to get a whiff you are going to have to wait. The company  say’s  it will take up to 20 months to create at her own scent.  I mean really how long does it take to create your own smell right? but i digress,  currently  they are having trouble coming up with a name for the product.  As for the content of the perfume itself Aniston said she wants  it to be light airy and fruity.

Is Lindsay Lohan a Milkaholick?
lindsay lohan Conan O Brien The Fairy GodfatherChances are by now you have seen the E-Trade commercial with the talking baby’s. If not, or you don’t remember I will try to sum up as best I can. The add features a  baby talking to a girlfriend of his via skype trying to explain why he didn’t call her the night before. He makes up and excuse that she doesn’t buy, and she accuses a milkaholick named Lindsay of  being the real reason he didn’t call. With me so far? Anyways former Actress and current Lindsay Lohan is accusing the producers of the commercial of defaming her good name. Lohan claims that she is such a big star now  that she reached the pantheon of celebrities  who are recognizable by one name, like Cher, Oprah, or Madonna. Lohan is seeking $100 million in damages….Did someone say frivolous??

David Letterman’s stalker pleads guilty to extortion!
letterman halderman Conan O Brien The Fairy GodfatherYesterday Robert Hallderman pled guilty to extorting  the late night funnyman. At a  brief press conference following the plea  he offered Letterman a personal apology,  and stated that he will not do any public interviews. In pleading guilty to this deal  he avoids facing a lengthier sentence of up to 15 years. If you ask me he got off pretty easy.


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