katie holmes1 Tabloid Thursday: Is Katie Holmes Having Babies Against Her Will?

It was tabloid Thursday and boy was it a busy day today! In the 6 a.m. hour I told you guys how Katie Holmes may be pregnant against her own will. She’s on the cover of this weeks STAR Magazine looking a bit pregnant. According to them Tom made her sign a new wedding contract!

She will supposedly get $12 million for twins! Also, Madonna  and her daughter Lourdes getting creative? They have been given an opportunity to design some fashion EXCLUSIVE to 200 Macy’s Stores and their on-line shop.

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At 7 a.m. I talked about the Kardashian boy drama!
kim kardashian Tabloid Thursday: Is Katie Holmes Having Babies Against Her Will?According to In Touch Kim’s dream of getting married to New Orleans Saint football player Reggie Bush is NO MORE! They also say Kourtney’s and her baby are being ditched becauce…her baby’s father has moved into the…GUEST ROOM! I DON”T BELIEVE IT! A better story from In Touch says Angelina is FORCING Brad to make family outings, so that way they can be photographed together looking very happy! She’s using her kids as the trump card and also tipping of the paparazzi as to where they will be! She’s also forcing Brad to play by HER rules, she didn’t allow Brad to attend the Oscar’s, even though his film “Inglorious Bastards” was nominated for Best Film. Why? Because he would see JENNIFER ANNISTON. In Touch says that Angelina treats him like a puppet. Also, Charlie Sheen has now defended himself regarding his domestic violence charge, stemming from a Christmas time showdown with his wife, in which she said he pulled a knife on her. His defense? “Never happened, wasn’t me. My wife was drunk she was on drugs. Never, never, ever happened. It wasn’t me.” I think that’s the best defense!

Finally in the 8 a.m. entertainment report, we talked about [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm]’s newest venture!
madonna Tabloid Thursday: Is Katie Holmes Having Babies Against Her Will?A CLOTHING LINE! Her and her daughter Lourdes are going to be designing a child’s line exclusive to 200 Macy’s stores and their online shop. The price range will be about $12-$40. It will include footwear, handbags, and jewelry and it doesn’t stop there, starting in 2011 they will introduce a beauty line. Like Gary said doesn’t it seem like she’s late to the party? Ok now, KATIE HOLMES may be pregnant….AGAINST HER OWN WILL! She’s on the cover this week’s Star Magazine looking like there may be a bun in the oven. Star is saying that Tom pretty much told her, “We’re having another baby, whether you like it or not”. They say she renewed her wedding contract with TOM CRUISE, which states she gets $12 million dollars if she has twins! They also say she’s been traveling and having fun this year and that Tom has said, that’s it, we’re having babies now. She’s been spotted and fertility centers around L.A. and get this, she’s also starting a Scientology purification that they call “agonizing” that is supposed to prepare for pregnancy.


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