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sandra bullock picture61 Once Again Sandra Bullocks Words Are Coming Back To Haunt Her!

In today’s 6 a.m. ‘Entertainment Report’ we found more words that may come back to haunt Sandra Bullock. If you remember, yesterday we played a clip from a 13 yr old interview Sandra did regarding her feelings on cheating. This time something she said on the red carpet of the “People’s Choice Awards”. Here’s a hint: she says what she would have done if she was married to Tiger Woods!

A bit of happy news in the 8 a.m. ‘Entertainment Report’…Beyonce…pregnant??
According to the NY Post she just may be! They say that her and Jay-Z will soon be proud parents. The two have been happily married since 2008. According to reports she will still be working during her pregnancy. Her reps, however, refuse to comment!

More of the Sandra-Jesse James saga in the 8 a.m. ‘Entertainment Report’.
Boy, you miss a minute and you miss a mistress…or two. That’s right, two more women have come out and said they had affairs with Jesse. One of the women, Bridget Daguere, is a photographer from Los Angeles who was a stylist at a photo shoot held at Jesse’s bike shop, West Coast Customs. She claims to have over 195 texts, most of which “TMZ” calls “very graphic”. Girl number 3, who has remained nameless also claims to have texts and also emails and photos! She also went ahead and hired Gloria Allred to represent her. Also, what’s this about Jesse paying two girls “shut up money”?  Listen to find out all the scoop.

Comments (4)
  1. Al Orsini says:

    Jesse, man….ARE YOU CRAZY???

  2. Patsy says:

    All these women that were with or supposedly with Tiger Woods and now Jesse James are all home wreckers and golddiggers. They knew these men were married and they didn’t care nor did they have any class or morles. They keep text messages, voice mails etc because they have already planned to blackmail these men down the road when things don’t work out the way they want it too. These women knew they were nothing more then a good time. Not marrying material! These women go public some crying and professing their love with all their saved texts & voice mail info to the highest bidding gossip columist or TV show to expose more garbage. Then Gloria Allred gets involved?? For what? These trashy women if you could call them “women”, knew what they were doing when they made the decision to sleep with a married man. Someone else’s HUSBAND. It takes two but these women could have said NO, instead they chose to make money out of it. Gloria gets involved in every piece of trash out there. Is it for the almighty dollar too or just more publicity. Gloria, how about telling these women to “Just say No” to these rich married men and find a single one they can sleep around with? If these men were not famous, would Gloria be involved ? Not likely!!
    The media needs to Stop feeding fuel to the fire by paying trash for more trash.

    1. chalo says:

      You are 100% right . these are nothing but trashy women.

  3. Mikey says:

    Jesse and Tiger made the biggest mistakes of their lives – I mean infidelity with one woman could be forgivable, but these two went out with what – more than a dozen women? IDIOTS! You guys messed up bad!

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