americaonstage1 Top Ten    This Week in 1972

[lastfm]Dewey Bunnell[/lastfm], [lastfm]Gerry Beckley[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Dan Peek[/lastfm] formed [lastfm]America[/lastfm] while serving in the military together in England.  They met at a U.S. Air Force base in London in 1969.

They all played guitar.

They moved to the U.S. in February of 1972, the same year they’d have their first of many hits.

Their debut on the charts, “A Horse With No Name,” would spend three weeks at the #1 spot on the country’s Top 100.

Many more hits would follow, including another number one song, “Sister Golden Hair,” a little over 3 years later.

Here are the Top Ten Songs in the country THIS WEEK in 1972  (last week’s position in brackets)

1.    A Horse With No Name/[lastfm]America[/lastfm] (1) — its second week at #1

2.    Heart of Gold/[lastfm]Neil Young[/lastfm] (2) — America knocked this song out of the top spot  last weekneil young bw2 Top Ten    This Week in 1972

3.    Puppy Love/[lastfm]Donny Osmond[/lastfm] (4)

4.    Mother and Child Reunion/[lastfm]Paul Simon[/lastfm] (5)

5.    The Lion Sleeps Tonight/[lastfm]Robert John[/lastfm] (3) — this was a re-make of the late 1961-early 1962 #1 hit by the Tokens

6. I Gotcha/[lastfm]Joe Tex [/lastfm] (10)

7.    Without You/[lastfm]Harry Nilsson[/lastfm]  (6) — this was #1 for 4 weeks before Neil Young hit the top with “Heart of Gold.”

8. Jungle Fever/[lastfm]The Chakachas[/lastfm]  (8)  — one of our Top Ten “One Hit Wonder” groups of the 70’s

9.    Rockin’ Robin/[lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]  (14)

10.  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/ [lastfm]Roberta Flack[/lastfm]  (17)

michael20jackson20young Top Ten    This Week in 1972

Comments (2)
  1. oldies76 says:

    So are these songs gonna be aired??

  2. Chris1975 says:

    Slight correction – You stated that the original members of America served in the military in England. They were dependents of military personnel and in a Department of Defense school together there. We affectionately refer to ourselves (I graduated overseas also) as “military brats.” K-Earth I love all the oldies you play!

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