Oprah Kicks Stedman Out!!

oprah kfc factory farms1 Oprah Kicks Stedman Out!!

The charade is over and Oprah has finally booted longtime love Stedman Graham out of her life and moved BFF Gayle King into her home. Friends are shocked about the partner sway and are warned this will erupt in a scandal that could destroy Oprah’s empire. According to the Enquirer, Oprah doesn’t care anymore and just wants to be happy.

She’s tired of living a lie. While Stedman was a close friend and a great companion for years but the Enquirer reports that it’s not what Oprah wants now. With Stedman out of the picture, 56-year-old Oprah will focus on nurturing her relationship with Gayle. The tabloid says Oprah and Stedman will continue to be friends and still hang out yet she and Gayle plan to spend the rest of their lives together.

New Pop Icon Emerges As Bieber Fever

People magazine has the world’s biggest pop star on their cover, Justin Bieber. He’s 16 and people of all ages adore the little Bieber. Many say the reason is he has no attitude. His CD is Number 1 My World 2.0. and he says he knows what he has is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he’s loving it. He was discovered on youtube.com and is spreading across the globe like ‘Beatle Mania’ only it’s ‘Bieber Fever.’ Kids are passing out, screaming, and crying. Still Bieber says he feels regular and sometimes finds it weird that so many people are always waiting for him.

Sandra Requests Restraining Order Against Former Husband Jesse James

Star magazine has Sandra and Jesse on the cover as an explosive showdown. They say she’s taking out a restraining order and filing for divorce. According to Star, she’s afraid of him. They say he has been making harassing phone calls and that he reportedly warned her that she would regret it if she divorced him. They also say she has stopped taking his calls which led him to checking out of rehab. Jesse’s lawyer urged him to go back in case bailing out would make it worse for him. Star is also reporting that the couple had a prenup and that he gets nothing if he cheated on her and apparently he did. While his marriage may be over, they say Jesse’s television career is as good as dead. Spike TV has decided not to renew his show and made a statement that, “Jesse James is a dead man.”

Kitty Kelly Releases A New Tell All Book About Oprah

April 13th, 2010 is known to be doomsday for Oprah Winfrey. That’s the day author Kitty Kelly’s new book about the Big O and hits stands with 544 pages. Three years of research and reportedly 850 interviews with sources, many of whom have never before spoken publicly about Oprah. According to Kitty Kelly, Oprah is fascinating and she says she is only going to portray Oprah in a positive light. Well that’s no fun! In 544 pages there is bound to be something salacious and Kelly does admit while she has high regard for Winfrey, she also felt committed to writing the truth. Kelly says she did come away fascinated by her complexity. As you know, several others have tried to write tell alls about Winfrey have failed. In 1997 a former boyfriend tried to publish a book as well as her own father yet both projects were never done.

Brangelina’s Former Bodyguard Caught Brad and Jen Kissing

InTouch magazine says they have an exclusive interview with Brangelina’s former bodyguard who says he caught Brad and Jen kissing. He also claims he saw them already embracing, being very cozy, and hand holding not just once. This guy claims he has seen the hook up with Jen and Brand at least 3 times in LA and once in New York. Bodyguard Bill says that Brad arranged a secret meeting at the trails off of a western canyon road in Beverly Hills on December 9th at 3:30 pm. He says she pulled up in a Bentley and he arrived on his motorcycle. According to the bodyguard, Brad climbed into Jen’s passenger seat and embraced and kissed her. After 30 to 40 minutes he says the paparazzi arrived and he swooped Brad off so they would not get a shot.


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