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mike661 SONG STORIES   I Get Around by The Beach Boys

Pictured:  [lastfm]Mike Love[/lastfm] taking a performance break in the mid ’60’s–obviously “things go better with milk!”

A very popular [lastfm]Beach Boy[/lastfm] song was inspired by ANOTHER song; a different one; perhaps TWO!

Our case in point:  “I Get Around,” the group’s FIRST #1 hit, was inspired by the Regents’ 1961 tune, “Barbara Ann.”

“I Get Around” hit #1 for the Beach Boys on the 4th of July, 1964.  It stayed on top for another week, through July 17th, before being usurped by [lastfm]The Four Seasons[/lastfm]’ “Rag Doll.”

Mike Love remembered “Barbara Ann” with the Regents starting off the vocals on that song and going right into singing “Ba ba ba, ba Barbara Ann.  Ba ba ba ba Barbara Ann!” with no instrumental lead-in.

The “Round round get around, I get around” at the very beginning of the Beach Boys‘ hit, also with no music intro except for one very quick guitar strum was the result of Mike being inspired by the way “Ba ba ba ba Barbara Ann” began.   Can you hear the similarity?  “Ba ba ba ba Barbara Ann”…..”Round round get around, I get around”….  ????

Ironically, [lastfm]The Regents[/lastfm]next release after “Barbara Ann” was called “Runaround.”  It didn’t do as well on the charts as “Barbara Ann,” which peaked at #13 nationally, but, and here’s the ironic thing, and maybe Mike isn’t even aware of this, but it’s just too coincidental to think otherwise, there’s a repeating lyric in “Runaround” that goes, “I got it for you and I, I get around, pack up your bags and-a get out of town.  Round round, ron day, ron day, ron day, round, round…”

Whether Mike knows it or not, “I Get Around” seems to be a hybrid of BOTH of the Regents’ 1961 songs “Barbara Ann” and their follow-up tune, “Runaround!”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Mike really loved “Barbara Ann.”

The Beach Boys remade it in 1966, and it did even better on the charts than the original.  It peaked at #2.


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