Elisabeth Hasselbeck Apologizes To ESPN Sports Reporter Erin Andrews!!


elizabeth hasselbeck picture Elisabeth Hasselbeck Apologizes To ESPN Sports Reporter Erin Andrews!!

If you watched ‘The View’ yesterday you had a good view of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s tears. She was crying over hurting ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Erin Andrews feelings. On Tuesday’s show Hasselbeck ripped the ESPN reporter for wearing such sexy costumes after a stalker filmed her naked last year. Hasselbeck said the guy who is now in prison would have seen a little bit less without prison time just by watching ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Andrews got hurt and fired back by saying Hasselbeck’s remarks were a slap in the face to victims of stalking and sexual predators. So yesterday on ‘The View’ a remorseful Hasselbeck had something to say after talking to 6-year-old Grace who told her to call Erin to apologize.

 Kim Kardashian Receiving Death Threats From Justin Bieber’s Fans

 Wow I guess Bieber fever is in full effect. Get this… Kim Kardashian is receiving death threats from Justin Bieber fans after Bieber posted a photo of he and Kim on Twitter. Jokingly Bieber wrote, “Look it’s my girlfriend.” I guess 2 million Twitter followers didn’t find that funny and began bombarding Kim with an overwhelming amount of heartbreaking messages including death threats. The 16-year-old Bieber took to Twitter and tweeted, “Ladies calm down I was joking… Kim u just a friend… a very sexy friend… but just a friend.” He told his fans no need for threats and let’s all be friends. By the way, In Touch has Kim on their cover. They claim she’s a backstabber and has been betraying her sisters. Her obsession with fame is tearing her family apart according to the magazine.

 Hollywood Housekeepers Tell All

Star magazine has Hollywood housekeepers who are not keeping secrets and are telling all. They tell who is hooking up with the help, who’s a hoarder, whose freezer is full of Botox, and who parades around naked. The hoarders are the Brangelina’s. They say Brad is the biggest slob, wears dirty underwear, and hoards everything. Who’s hooking up with the help… that would be Bruce Springsteen. According to Star, he hits on his housekeepers, assistants, and you name it. Whose freezer is full of Botox… they don’t tell us. They just say she stores forms of anti-wrinkle stuff in the freezer. Finally who parades around naked… that would be Jennifer Aniston. They say Jen loves to flaunt her nakedness in front of the help. She works hard on that body so why not show it off.


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