american idol logo1 American Idol Releases Viewer Survey To Get Ratings Back Up!

Calling all American Idol viewers, producers want to hear your complaints. They want to know what is wrong with their show and why people are watching less this season. American Idol is still number one yet ratings are down. There is a viewer survey on American Idol. The survey says they miss Paula and they don’t like Ellen. In fact, the people who participated in the survey said they want Paula back next year or they are out. Whether or not producers make decisions based on the survey is unknown but they must be willing to listen otherwise there would be no survey. As for Simon Cowell’s replacement, they say they will wait until after the Idol finale May 26th to release the name of his replacement.

Barbara Walters And Her Big Secret

Barbara Walters made a shocking announcement yesterday morning on “The View.” She revealed a big secret. Walters said she’s not scared but happy actually to be getting it over with. Walters will take the summer off to recover. There is no denying this is a serious surgery especially at 84 years old. But she is in excellent condition so there is every reason to expect great results. Walters will check in via phone to the girls at “The View” but is not expected to return until september.

Larry King And Wife Number 8 Decide To Give Marriage A Test Run

Honey I’m home… Yes Larry King has moved out of the peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills where he had been staying since he and wife number 8 Shawn split. But now Larry is coming back and moving back to the Beverly Hills house he shared with Shawn. According to King’s pals, the couple are going to git it another shot and a test run. We hear both Larry and Shawn have agreed to a one week trial and if it works after that they say they will call off their impending divorce.

Comments (5)
  1. Lulu says:

    When American Idol first Season appeared on TV we loved the concept and fell in love with the judges. Seeing American people pursuing their possible break into the music industry was wonderful. The collaboration of the three judges was unique and each judge complimented each other adding a bonus to the program. It was new and fresh and I think it was aired in a season where the American people got a glimpse once again of the aspirations of men and women striving for the American dream. Now bringing my comments to this present time, we loved and hated Paula especially when she look at bit tipsy…the image was not taken kindly. But yet she part of the American Idol trio, Adding the fourth judge threw everything off we met the original trio, fell in love with the trio and buck greatly when the network made the trio a quartet. Losing Paula was losing a part of the American Idol body. It became handicap and has never been able to become whole again. Now losing Simon who is the creme de la creme of the program will most definitely paralyzed your efforts to bring viewers back. You will have to really dig deep and bring a well known artist who can resurrect your viewers back and your ratings. I would like to see Berry Gordon Jr. founder of Motown industry to be a part of the new panel of judges, he possibly might be the individual who will attract viewers from the young to the old. I think another one to consider is Dolly Parton, she so down to earth she could play a pivotal role as a judge. With that said, I wish the network the best of choices and hopefully I will continue to watch American Idol. You have a great challenge before you.

  2. Patricia Harrison says:

    I think they should get rid of Kari and replace Simon with someone Young like Bret Michaels

  3. DON ASHLOCK says:



  4. Rod de Quiroz says:

    I would like to see Russel Crowe as Simon’s replacement. It’s not very likely he will accept. I can imagine him hurling Coke glasses at the audience when they boo him.
    A more likely choice and certainly doable is Sir George Martin. He can be witty and charming. The lads trained him well.

  5. Andrew Carter says:

    I have been a rabid AI fan. After Adam Lambert I thought there is no one who can compare. I did watch a few of the episodes but the contestants sounded like middle school singers. I loved David Cook and saw the season on tour. I am just disappointed that there are no more Adam Lamberts out there. ( It has nothing to do with Paula).

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