madmenofficewomen1 What to Wear: How To Dress For A Corporate Interview

While our recessionista budgets may not let us dress like our favorite corporate office maidens above from Mad Men, we can easily afford an appropriate interview outfit for a high-profile position with a couple of simple rules.  These rules apply to women of any shape, size and financial bracket.

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80s style power suits with shoulder pads are outdated and the contemporary corporate look is minimal, tailored and polished. If this sounds boring, there are ways to let your personality shine without offending the more strict sartorial standards  in your potential office environment.

how to dress for a corporate interview 1 What to Wear: How To Dress For A Corporate Interview

1) Wear a suit-although we nixed power suits, pencil skirts and pants with slim, modern silhouettes are perfect ways to be both chic, comfortable, and confident. Spice up your basics with awesome accessories like a vintage belt or some cool stud earrings.

2) Simple shirts- Think along the lines of the Coco Chanel or Ralph Lauren aesthetic. Keep colors neutral so that the colors of your clothing don’t detract from your sparkling personality.

how to dress for a corporate interview 2 What to Wear: How To Dress For A Corporate Interview

3) Invest in the best- Basics should last forever. European fashion sentiments are: spend your money on good bags, shoes, and basic clothing items. All the rest are incidental. Despite the simplistic nature of basic pieces, people can recognize quality.

4) Shoe rules- Round shape, closed toes shoes are the best. Pointy shoes have a slightly dominant quality that are best left until you get the job if that is the kind of shoe you favor. Refinery 29 recommends wearing a 3-inch heel or higher, but we say wear what you won’t trip in and what you are comfortable with.  Footwear should be awesome, not awkward.

how to dress for a corporate interview 3 What to Wear: How To Dress For A Corporate Interview

5) Button up- No cleavage, ladies. You want your potential employer to notice your big brain, not big other-things. Keep jackets at one or two buttons. Remember: You want to look casual enough to be comfortable but polished enough to be professional.

how to dress for a corporate interview 4 What to Wear: How To Dress For A Corporate Interview

6) Play with your accessories-Don’t wear anything too distracting, shiny, or jingly. Try geometric pieces with a rough finish, slightly punk-rock studs, or cuff bracelets with bulk. These items are fashion forward and eye-catching but also refined enough to keep you under the radar.

If you are looking for a job, good luck with the job search! Remember this: the most beautiful and important thing you can wear is a smile and a healthy dose of confidence.

If you’d like to buy anything you’ve seen on this page, check out the original Refinery 29 article.

[Source: Refinery 29]

  1. marci o'connor says:

    These are great tips! It has been years since I have interviewed in the corporate world but it looks as conservative as ever! Another great alternative to finding the right wardrobe would be a clothing swap. I run an online clothing swap for women on Facebook
    ( suzieswapper ) and it’s a great opportunity to get – for free – amazing quality clothing! You should check it out!

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