sting Sting Doesnt Need To Be Loved By All

With the recent news of [lastfm]Sting[/lastfm] dropping the bomb that he’ll never reunite with [lastfm]The Police[/lastfm] for a tour ever again, he’s left some fans disappointed by his harsh words towards his former bandmates.

Not to mention some people are put off by his outspoken views and alternative beliefs towards yoga/mediation, the environment and his frequently referenced love of Tantric sex, but the worldly singer brushes it all off because he doesn’t care what people think of him. trans Sting Doesnt Need To Be Loved By All

[pullquote quote=”I don’t need everyone to love me. I really don’t.” credit=”Sting”]

[lastfm]Sting[/lastfm] has always been scrutinized for his unconventional beliefs and lifestyle and knows there are people who find him annoying, but according to the singer, he won’t change because he doesn’t care how people perceive him.

He told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: “For some people I am a pretentious prat. But they’re not people who actually know me. I don’t feel like defending myself that much so I’d rather say, ‘That’s fine, believe what you want to believe,’ I live my life.”

Despite being in the public eye and being in a career that solely relies on whether or not people like the music he’s making, [lastfm]Sting[/lastfm] is adamant that he doesn’t need to be accepted by everyone in order to be happy.

“I don’t need everyone to love me. I really don’t.”

He also knows his advocacy for environmental issues hasn’t done much to help his career, saying: “People don’t want to hear it. I’m doing it because I have a stake in it, and because it works…Has it helped my career? I sincerely doubt it.”
Holistic beliefs or not, we still love you, Sting, and the beautiful music you share with the world, but that still doesn’t excuse that fact you’ll never reunite with The Police again.

If you love Sting as much as we do at K-EARTH, make sure to check out Sting Radio!

[Source: Music-News]


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