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Jon Hamm Hams it Up on ‘The Simpsons’

 Jon Hamm Hams it Up on The Simpsons

Show us a man who doesn’t idolize sexy, stoic Don Draper i.e. Jon Hamm and we’ll show you a liar. On the other hand, show us a man who does wish they could sit around drinking Duff and chowing on donuts all day like Homer Simpson and…well, we’ll show you another liar. Put the two together (our dream) and you’ve got animated genius intent on Hamm-ing it up in more ways than one.

Guess what? Dreams really do come true. Jon Hamm is going to play a character on The Simpsons. Will he be more like Don or more like Jon? Join us after the break to find out!

Simpsons executive producer, Al Jean, says the character will be more like…no one:

“There’s no Mad Men reference. Jon’s a gruff FBI man. Homer asks if he can pick his undercover name and finally Jon just says, ‘Your name will be Nicky Blue Pants Altosaxophony.’ Homer says, ‘Do I get to keep the name when I’m done with it?’ and Jon says, ‘No, it’s the property of the government.’  He has no patience for Homer.”

Awww, so it sounds like it will less like Hamm and more like cheese.

The episode will air in December and be called “Donnie Fatso.”  Our man, Jon Hamm, plays a FBI supervisor who uses Homer as an undercover informant.

Even if the storyline doesn’t live up to obsessed fantasies, it’s good to know that Hamm is as handsome and amazing and perfect in real life as we imagine him to be.

“You gave him one note and he immediately did 12 great things with it. He was really funny. And handsome. He had it all.”

We found this Mad Men-themed Simpson’s opening to satisfy our every need. It has such huge cool-factor, even Maggie would pause her pacifier sucking for a second to pay attention.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]


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