Breaking Idol News!!

american idol 2010 Breaking Idol News!!

It was a difficult decision, but one American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres had to make. Yesterday she called it quits citing a schedule she didn’t bargain for and that it was just to hard to hurt people’s feelings.According to Fox’s sources though this was more of a “buyout” vs a “bow out”, reportedly Fox was given a choice Nigel Lithgoe or Ellen. It’s not that Nigel dislike’s Ellen, he just never liked the idea of a four judge panel, and never thought she was a good fit. Apparently Ellen felt the same way, she reportedly went to Fox months ago to let them know that she didn’t want to come back.She told the network honcho’s, “it didn’t feel like a right fit for me”, but she didn’t want to leave them in a bind so she waited until Fox had it all figured out. Fox has figured it out, Nigel is coming back, the man who gave American Idol  the magic for the first seven seasons. While Ellen is very grateful for the year she had and will continue to be a huge fan, it was time to go. Now get this according to TMZ and other internet sites the new judge panel will consist of Randy, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler…..stay tuned!

Yesterday history was made both an entertainment and political mile was made as President Obama, for the very first time in history appeared on a daytime talk show “The View”. The President received a standing ovation from “The Views” studio audience. Some say this was a media savvy appearance for the President appearing on shows not controlled by political handlers. Others however criticized the president for visiting a soft news venue. The President did discuss political and social issues and one issue discussed why he went on the view in the first place. However the President was able to discuss some of the current hot pop culture topics. He seemed to be unaware of Mel Gibson’s rant, who Snookie from “The Jersey SHores” was despite the fact he mentioned her name in a new conference last month when he discussed  tanning tax.  He did however know that Lindsay Lohan was in Jail.Three letters for you Mr. President G.T.L. Gym, Tanning laundry.


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