baracktheview On Todays “The View” President Obama Talks Politics, Critics and Snooki!?

President Obama made the first appearance by a sitting president when he returned to the yellow couch of “The View” today for his third appearance on the show.

The ladies of “The View” are known for their loud opinions and quirky commentary to many “hot topics” in the media– and no surprise they threw a few off the wall questions at the Commander-in-Chief. Though these questions do slightly fall into the sad state of the American nation, President Obama was to even asked comment on the imprisonment of Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson’s anger issues and Jersery Shore’s Snooki!

The interview did discuss a variety of topics… and the ladies managed to ask some political questions as well. Read on to find out what Obama had to say about the first 18 months of his term, how he is dealing with tough criticism, his negative thoughts on the media and much more…

If politicians were known for one thing, it would be their inept ability to gracefully talk their way around crazy questions… or to dodge them all together. We definitely saw Obama put this to use on his latest visit to “The View.”  But it was entertaining to see the man in charge squirm a bit when asked the question if he feels Mel Gibson needs anger management, to which he elegantly dodged.

Thankfully all the shows guests don’t come with years of training in the political arena—or the ratings probably wouldn’t be so high!

During the interview Obama talked about the negative coverage of the forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod and called it a “phony controversy” generated by the media. Which he believes highlights the existence of current racial tension in America.

“There are still inequalities out there. There’s still discrimination out there,” Obama said. “But we’ve made progress.”

The Sherrod incident lent way to a discussion of racial issues in America and how the Obama administration has dealt with speed bumps like these during such a trying time in American and world history. Obama believes he is making progress…. acknowledging that it is slow progress, but in the right direction. He also feels the issues he is tackling are ones that had been “put off for too long.” Can we really expect the state of the nation to completely change in 18 months?! Cut the man a little slack!

He discussed his focus on health care, education, restrictions on credit card companies, the spill in the Gulf and the war in Iraq. (The ladies jokingly asked if he is popping perscription pills to deal with all the stress and pressure) The majority of Americans on meds are probably working through some much smaller issues that President Obama!

Check out the video clips below of President Obama on “The View”… and tell us what you would ask the man in charge if you were one of the ladies on the fluffy yellow sofa! Would you grill him on the latest episode of Jersey Shore?!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Source:  Huffington Post]


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