Michelle Obama Dishes About Her Favorite Treats

There was a charming girl-next-door with a bright smile who felt vitality through veggies (except beets!) and working-out while the sunrises, but still loved indulging in pie and the occasional hard-nosed politics. This girl is Michelle Obama. We love her for her chic fashion sense and her refreshing opinions, but what the First Lady is most passionate about it fresh fruits and vegetables on dinner plates.

 Curious to know what Michelle's stance is on cafeteria food, her personal fitness, and...beets?

 Michelle Obama Dishes About Her Favorite Treats

While Michelle Obama herself might be robust, grounded by her roots, and a stunner in deep red, she does not care for the root vegetable that shares many of the same qualities:

“I am a believer that there is a beet gene. People who love beets love them and people who hate beets can’t stand them. Neither the President nor I have the beet gene.”

While the Obamas would tell any poor unfortunate beet to set foot in the White House to “Beat it!”, Michelle Obama is a huge advocate of almost every other fruit and veggie with her nutrition program, Let’s Move.

“The overall message of Let’s Move is balance. Do we have a vegetable on the plate? Have we incorporated fruit? What’s the portion size? Portion sizes have gotten out of control.”

Not shockingly, the First Lady is the model of control in her own life. She just went on a vegetable cleanse and gets up almost every morning at 4:30am to go to the gym. We can barely get out of bed by 8am to get our exercise on, but Obama does it because it makes her feel fantastic.

“It makes you feel better about yourself. I always think, ‘Don’t think about how you’re feeling during the workout. Think about an hour and a half from now, how good you’re going to feel the rest of the day.'”

Sure, but all that exercise plus a vegetable cleanse. That’s got to be difficult. Michelle Obama contends they are, but they are also a good way to reset your body back into veggie-loving mode:

“The cleanses are good for a short period of time. It isn’t a way of life because I like food too much. But it is good to break your mindset.”

Before you walk away from this thinking that First Lady Obama is too perfect to be real, she lets us in on a little secret: she could not live if not for pie.

“What is life without the things you love to eat? For me, it’s pie. So what I tell my girls is, ‘Treats are special.’ They’re not something you have every day.”

WHAT? We can’t have pie every day!? That’s not the American way. Oh, wait. Maybe it shouldn’t be the American way and that’s what Michelle Obama is trying to say. But, still, we agree…pie is awesome.

[Source: People]


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