charlie sheen Charlie Sheen And His Wifes Christmas Day Fight Was Over... Train

Charlie Sheen is one lucky guy if you ask me. The fact that he is not behind bars for reportedly holding a knife to his wife’s throat on Christmas Day in Aspen is beyond me. After reading the 15 page police report which details the abuse allegations, I’m shocked. According to the report, Charlie held a knife to Brooke Mueller’s neck and threatened her life over a Train song “Drop’s of Jupiter.”  According to the report, Brook got jealous because Charlie shared an infinity for the song with his daughter Sam from his marriage to Denise Richards. Reportedly Brooke then went off about how he shared a song with his daughter and not her. The 15 page document says when police arrived they found Charlie had a knife in his travel bag, the one he allegedly used to threaten Brook. And according to one officer on the scene, Muller had read marks on the upper part of her neck and bruises, she claimed, were from another incident where Charlie had shaken her in the past, thrown her like a rag doll and caused neurological damage. Since the incident, Charlie and Brooke have signed a 41 page preliminary divorce agreement but have not yet filed.

Blood Diamonds….Naomi Campbell….Mia Farrow equals Bloody mess.
For the last week model Naomi Campbell has been testifying in the war crimes trial of a former Liberian leader, Charles Taylor, who allegedly gave Campbell a big bag of Blood Diamonds which Naomi called “some dirty looking stones” and then denied it came from him. She claims the stones were delivered to her hotel room after a dinner she attended for Nelson Mandela back in 1997. That’s her story. But two other guest, one being Mia Farrow were also at that dinner and they are ripping into Campbell’s claims. Mia said liar, liar pants on fire. That being said, Farrow said she did not see the diamond, or diamonds, she could only say what Naomi told her.

  1. kevin says:

    The guy is a loser. He is not an actor. He is only where he is at because of dad. Unfortunatly for the real actors on ” Two and a half Men”, the show will take a dive in its final year.

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