Wolfgang Puck: Restaurant Innovator

Wolfgang Puck is on the air with the K-Earth 101 Morning Show on Friday! Did you know that his new ideas and techniques for restaurant design, service and menu have been copied by other restaurants worldwide?

These innovations include:

  • The first Gourmet Pizza
  • The first Fusion Cuisine (mixing Italian with French with Californian for example)
  • The first “open kitchen” restaurant design (it draws the attention of those in the dining room to the working chef)

He’s a foodie God, and a lot of food fanatics in LA/OC are huge fans, including me. Not only does he run a restaurant empire that doesn’t cut corners on quality and service, he encourages culinary students and chefs by hiring them to work in his growing number of restaurants all around the country. He cooks to raise money for charities that feed the hungry, and is known as a genuinely nice guy. Some of his chefs have been with him for years, including the great pastry chef Sherry Yard. Here’s a photo that I took of the Strawberry Shortcake she created for Wolfgang that is served at his flagship restaurant Spago.

strawberry shortcake at spago Wolfgang Puck: Restaurant Innovator

It tastes as good as it looks, too. Really delicious and rich without being heavy. That’s not easy to do. Those berries are full of naturally sweet berry flavor, and they come from one of the farmer’s markets that we’re so fortunate to have here in Southern California. So, if you’re ever at Spago and you see it on the menu, I’d suggest that you order it. Your mouth will go “wow!” Also delicious (and everything is fabulous) is the Heirloom Tomato Salad.

img 0660 Wolfgang Puck: Restaurant Innovator

Wolfgang also has a fabulous steak house here in LA. It’s in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and if you go you’ll have a wonderful time at Cut. It’s hands down my favorite steakhouse in America. Every single dish is perfectly prepared and presented, and the extravagant flavors blew my mind. Yes, it’s expensive, but worth every penny. Take a look at the Crab Salad at Cut.

img 0383 Wolfgang Puck: Restaurant Innovator

Yes, that’s a lot of Crab! It isn’t muddied up with tons of mayo or anything either. The Crab taste is bright and luscious. It’s a wonderful dish and I can hardly wait to have this again. Oh and before I forget, take a look at the platter of steaks that were brought to our table so that we could decide which kind of steak to order…

img 0377 Wolfgang Puck: Restaurant Innovator

Oh, yeah! I have a group of friends that get together to eat at LA’s best restaurants and we’re all looking forward to another visit to Cut.  Wolfgang rocks!  Make sure you check in to the morning show tomorrow to hear him on-air!


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