Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough; aging or even too much dieting can decrease your metabolism and make it impossible to lose those last few extra pounds. Want to keep burning fat post-workout? Amp it up with these fat-burning tips that literally won’t quit!

Metabolic Magnifier #1: Jog it out.

Walking is great, but if you are stuck in a weight-loss rut you may need to pump up the volume. Add some high-intensity jogs sporadically through your work-out. Not only will you sweat more but you could lose about 2 inches from your waist in four months!

Metabolic Magnifier #2: Take your time.

If you really want to shed or maintain your weight, you need to tack on some extra time. You know that adrenaline rush at the end of your workout? Use it to your advantage! Studies show that women who work out moderately for about an hour a day (as opposed to the typical doctor suggested thirty minutes) gained little to no weight over a 13 year period.

Metabolic Magnifier #3: Beat fat with a beat.

We don’t know very many people that can workout sans music so it should come as no surprise that music is a fantastic workout motivator! Women who listened to music during a cycling test had better endurance and performance levels.

Metabolic Magnifier #4: Moves powered by moo!

Carbs, proteins, calcium: milk has everything needed to be great workout fuel. If you can’t stomach a protein bar, have a glass of milk instead! Studies show that women that drank four glass of skim milk before and after their workout lost more fat in 12 weeks than women who didn’t. Remember: you should never workout without eating a little before and after each workout.

Metabolic Magnifier #5: Don’t go with the flow.

Try intervals! Interval training helps you burn more fat by upping your metabolism. The most intense and fat-scorching results came when individuals completed 10 exercise intervals, doing four minutes of super-hard work followed by two minutes of rest.

Metabolic Magnifier #6: Tea-se yourself.

Drink some green tea before a workout; the caffeine increases your metabolism without making you shaky and crazy like coffee. Plus, green tea has antioxidants that are good for the rest of your body. Even if you aren’t working out!

[Source: Yahoo! Shine]


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