While we think you are beautiful even with your imperfections, having skin flaws can be disconcerting to even the most confident woman since your face is the first thing you present to the world. If you’ve struggled with proper coverage, we’ve got simple, inexpensive, and efficient concealing tips that will work for almost everyone!


Scars are pretty cool (they show you have lived!) , but we understand they can make you feel self-conscious. What are your skin shields to cover up an awesome scar or two? Tinted moisturizer with SPF, concealer that matches your skin color, and setting powder.

How to apply:

Apply tinted moisturizer over your entire face. Next, use a small brush to apply a concentrated concealer directly on the scar. Make sure you remember to apply the concealer after you apply the tinted moisturizer, as the moisturizer may rub the concealer off. After that, brush a matte powder on your face to take away the shine of the concealer. Just remember not to apply too much makeup to your scar because it just enhances your blemish. Take the focus away from the scar with stunning eyes or dramatic lips.

Acne Pockmarks

You no longer have acne, but now you have pockmarks; this may seem frustrating but it’s super easy to deal with. Just arm yourself with heavy-duty concealer, foundation, and powder.

How to apply:

Use a small concealer brush and paint the blemish with concealer from every direction. New York-based celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt elaborates,”You really want to get the product into the nooks and crannies. And then you can blend the perimeter with your finger, and set it with powder so that it stays.”

If you can afford the higher price point, try looking for products with silicone that cover anything–even tattoos!

Spider Veins & Birthmarks

San Diego dermatologist Susan Stuart, MD says, “Spider veins on the face can be caused by sun exposure, trauma, hormones, and acne.” They are also caused be rosacea. How to get rid of them? Whip out a concealer that’s lighter than your skin color, a corrective anti-red product, powder foundation, and a brush for applying powder foundation.

How to apply:

Surratt goes through the steps with us: If you have broken capillaries on the tip of the nose or chin, or on your cheeks. I would even them out first with concealer. Then, for bad rosacea I would apply a mineral makeup powder foundation with a fluffy brush, lightly and sparingly.” You can also use an anti-red corrective cream to neutralize pinkness in skin.

Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Stayinng up too late, drinking a tad too much, genetics: no woman is immune to dark circles and puffy eyes. Want to make yourself look more awake? Try antihistamines, sleeping on propped up pillows, and putting moist tea bags on your eyes. If all else fails, invest in a not-too-creamy concealer, translucent setting powder, and lash-curling mascara.

How to apply:

Apply concealer in the hollow under the eye, starting from the tear-ducts. Also dab some on your lower and upper eyelids and lash line. Set the concealer with a powder and get our your curling mascara to work a little magic. So simple!

Stretch Marks

Your baby (or weight loss) may be a gift, but the stretch marks that came along are not. If you want to rock a bikini but are a little uncomfortable with your “war wounds” take a tip from the experts with sunless tanning products or airbrush makeup.

How to apply:

Self-tanners all defer in their application so just follow the rules on the package. Spray tans and airbrush make-up are a little harder to apply, but they are usually waterproof and stay on until you wash it off.

Still feeling uncomfortable?

Clinical psychologist, Daniel Sapen, PhD, agrees that “Scars can be terrible reminders of what happened. Even a healthy attitude stumbles when faced with the mirror and the image associated with the injury.” If you need to, see a therapist to talk about reaffirming how beautiful you are–scars or no!

[Source: Yahoo! Shine]

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