Twenty years ago it was actually fun to work-out. Both women and men wore crazy neon colored leotards, rockin’ tights, and fun, multifunctional sweatband accessories. Overly muscular women bounced around with maniacal smiles and ripped-guys pranced around in tiny, pink shorts. We agree; retro work-outs totally top that old, boring treadmill routine of 2010. So we resurrected some exercise oldies for you to start sweatin’ to!

Buns of Steel:

Pretty much no equipment, rhythmic intervals that actually work, and a hot woman in a thong bikini. What more could you ask for! A lot of the Buns of Steel moves were reminiscent of our current Pilates trend; leg lifts are a definite must for long, lean, defined legs. And the bravery to host an exercise show with a thong bikini on.

Get in Shape Girl!:

We will readily admit to begging our mothers to buy this for us and we now having embarrassing videos of us attempting to dance along with the girls on television. These exercise tapes were originally made for young girls and included weighted wristbands with glittery streamers. However, this wasn’t just a cutesy work-out; jumping over the streamers was just like jumping rope and a great butt work-out.

The Firm:

Hybrid work-outs like Piloxing, Yoga Booty Ballet, and Cardio Barre are all the rage these days because it’s been proven that mixing up your movement is the most effective  way to increase your metabolism, burn calories and lose weight. The Firm was one of the original advocates of this idea with a combination of aerobics and weights for a complete cardio and strength workout.

Jane Fonda:

“Jane Fonda pioneered the workout movement with dancer-inspired exercises that create lean curves using only your body weight as resistance,” says fitness legend Molly Fox.  Jane Fonda is undoubtedly a fitness icon. Not only was she gorgeous to look at and an inspiration to women, but she created one of the most flexible work-outs of the time. You can do her moves anywhere and anytime with using only your body weight and core strength as your “equipment.” Pretty awesome.

  • Weigh in: do you have any favorite “retro” work-outs? What’s your favorite current work-out trend? How do you stay fit? And do you love leg warmers as much as us?

[Source: Yahoo! Shine]


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