Summer is ending, the kids are going back-to-school and the daily grind becomes more realistic; seasonal and lifestyle changes can increase anxiety and tension. Before you reach for that pack of cigarettes and after-work cocktail, consider these much healthier, alternative ways to fight off that big bully called stress.

1) Need a nap? Do some yoga right before!

Studies show that people who include basic yoga poses before a nap (or lying down in corpse pose) for 22 minutes, have less anxiety than those who just decided to nap.

2) Reach out and touch someone.

Need to relax instantaneously with very little effort? Hold someones hand! Hugging, kissing, and other adult activities decrease cortisol, the hormone that controls stress levels.

3) Stop and smell the roses.

Or better yet, apply rose oils to your body. Rose aromatherapy lowers blood pressure and breathing rate. Another fantastic use for rose oil? Put some in a spray bottle with pure water and give yourself relaxing, rehydrating mini-facials all day long!

4) Volunteer.

Helping others who are less fortunate than yourself will help you see your life in perspective and might just decrease your stress levels when you see you have nothing to be stressed out about comparatively!

5) Become best friends with your iPod.

In a tension filled situation? Whip out your iPod and give yourself a soothing musical treat. Studies show that music can relieve tension especially when listened to through headphones. It’s like being in your own private space even amid chaos.

6) Eat like a mermaid.

Fish has tons of Omega-3 fats that improve mood. Not only that, they are good for your heart, your skin, the female reproductive system, and your brain!

7) Call on a higher power.

No matter what religion or philosophy you believe in, including prayer in your life can make you become a more positive and grateful human being.

8) Don’t worry, be happy.

People that express themselves in a pessimistic manner usually have lower antibody counts as well as more stress. Try speaking in a positive way and positive things might come to you!

9) Don’t trip out.

Frequent business trips might be increasing your anxiety not because of the traveling but because it hinders your connection with those you love. Try to keep in touch with your spouse and family as much as possible.

10) Stay cool.

Want to decrease your daily anxiety while you sleep? Researchers have found that the cooler your bedroom is the better you sleep which subsequently makes your day less stressful! What is the best temperature for a bedroom? Around 65 degrees.

  • What are some of your favorite tips for beating stress?

[Source: Yahoo! Shine]

Comments (2)
  1. LGoS Admin says:

    Hi. Great tips for reducing anxiety, on a daily basis. I do yoga just about every morning. If I don’t have time, then I will at least make the time to stretch and do a couple of postures. Either way, every day I am doing some yoga related activity. Its great!

    I can’t imagine life without yoga! If one were to do yoga every day, then the other tips on your list would come much more easily, honestly.

    Thanks for sharing the 10 tips.

  2. Darren says:

    I want to let you all know about National Letting Go of Stuff Day. It is March 24, 2011. If you are interested in learning more go to

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