Honeymoons don’t last forever. And we don’t just mean the physical trip to some vacation spot – after years together, it can be easy to take the other person for granted. But we know how to get that spark back…and it might be easier than you think!

Follow these four steps, and your old flame can be lit anew:

What You Need: The hardest part of the process can sometimes be the simple act of accepting what it is you want.It might not be what your parents wanted, or what society says you should want, but being honest with what you need in order to help make a relationship work is vital.

Communicating Those Needs: Being able to express your needs to your partner can be difficult, especially since over time there’s a certain comfort level that develops. You might not want to rock the boat, but think of it instead as the first step to righting that ship. You can’t solve a problem without knowing what the problem is, right?

What Can I Do?: Ask yourself this question in two ways. First, what can I do for my partner? Secondly, what can I do for myself?

Reconnect Physically: This doesn’t have to mean sex. It could be as simple a gesture as a long hug. Remember back to when you first started dating your other half, when even a hug sent a shock through your system? Those small steps and gestures can mean everything if you invest in them.

[Source: Shine/Yahoo!]


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