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It happened to record players, tape decks, typewriters, CDs, film cameras, floppy disks and pretty much every other technological device ever made. It lived, it prospered, it died. And soon another device may become obsolete from our lives. Will you be affected?

A recent Yahoo! Shine article about a woman’s unwillingness to part with her landline telephone raised the question: “Are landlines going the way of dinosaurs?”

We did some research and found statistics on landline telephones, which are on the decline, especially among younger generations.

Via the CDC:

  • Nearly half of adults aged 25-29 years (48.6%) lived in households with only wireless telephones. More than one-third of adults aged 18-24 or 30-34 (37.8% and 37.2%, respectively) lived in households with only wireless telephones.
  • As age increased from 35 years, the percentage of adults living in households with only wireless telephones decreased: 23.9% for adults aged 35-44; 14.9% for adults aged 45-64; and 5.2% for adults aged 65 and over. However, as shown in Table 2 and Figure 2, the percentage of wireless-only adults within each age group has increased over time.
  • Men (24.5%) were more likely than women (21.3%) to be living in households with only wireless telephones.

And while the popularity wireless technology has increased steadily over the last decade, that doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable with making the transition, while others may not simply care to make the switch at all.

What about yourself—has your landline gone the way of the dinosaur? Take our poll and discuss below!


[Source: Yahoo!Shine]


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