Time-Saving, Lunch-Packing Tips For Busy Moms

Are your mornings something like this: Open your eyes, check the time, hit snooze, wake up, wash your face, check the time, tell the kids to wake up, check the time, put on your makeup, check the time, check on the kids, open the fridge to pack your kids lunch, check the time? It’s no secret life can get crazy busy, so here are some helpful lunch-packing shortcuts for busy moms on the go!

Leftovers: Spend your hard-earned money on food? Didn’t finish dinner? Make use of the food and free-up some fridge space by packing the leftovers in a tupperware dish after dinner so as not to rush to prepare lunch the next morning. Plus, in this manner you can control your child’s caloric and nutritional consumption instead of the high-sodium, high-fat lunches most school serve.

Leftovers, Part Two: Have way more food leftover than expected? Don’t want to give your kid food that’s been sitting in the fridge aging? Portion and pack the leftovers after dinner into containers and set them aside in the freezer to use throughout the week.

Mass Production: Depending on the type of food, go ahead and make one or two additional servings at once and set them aside in the fridge for future use. The following morning, all you have to do is pull it out of the fridge and pack it.

Pre-Packaged Singles: Sometimes buying family-size¬†packages can help the wallet, but if you can find pre-packaged single servings (say, yogurt, apple sauce, fruit cups, etc.) you can save time by dropping in the single-serving item in the lunch box instead of portioning¬†out the food and having multiple containers to clean later. Places like Costco and Sam’s Club offer family-sized packages of single-serving food you can easily drop in the lunch box without breaking the wallet.

[Source: Yahoo!Shine]


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