t the end of a long day (or a short one), there’s nothing like a cold beer or a whisky on the rocks to drain the stress away. But what if it was a beer that was over a hundred years old and cost five-figures? Still all about it? Read about the world’s older and most expensive beers and decide for yourself!

5. Whyte and Mackay whiskey and brandy

Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton was not only the first man to set the world record for getting closest to the South Pole in 1909, only to turn around to save the lives of his crew, but his legacy still lives on courtesy of the crates of Whyte and Mackay whisky and brandy the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust found earlier this year. The century old bottles are now being analyzed by the Scottish brewery in order to replicate the original blend which was until now considered lost.

4. Fossil Fuel Beer

In the ’90s, Raul Cano, a professor at the California Polytechnic State University discovered 45 million-year-old yeast trapped inside a Lebanese weevil in Burma. He has since used the yeast to brew pale ale and German wheat beer. Of his discovery, Cano said: “You can always buy brewing yeast, and your product will be based on the brewmaster’s recipes. Our yeast has a double angle: We have yeast no one else has and our own beer recipes.”


3. Glenfiddich 64

The Glenfiddich Distillery produced their famous single malt Scotch whisky and then let it age for 64 years, bringing the drink price at a whopping $37,000 per bottle. And with only 61 bottles ever produced, this blend makes it a popular choice among investors refraining from the stock market.


2. The $60,000 Bottle—for kicks

A nameless businessman bought a display bottle of Dalmore 62 for $58,000 before heading up to his bedroom with friends and drinking it. The bottle, which was one of only 12 ever made, was distilled nearly 150 years ago and was not listed for sale… but with money comes a flexibility of the rules (just ask Lindsay Lohan), so Mr. Big Shot got his way and his bottle and partied the night away.


1. This Ain’t No PBR

How much are you willing to pay for a cold one? How’s $16,000 sound? Last year that’s how much the most expensive one ever sold went for. But it wasn’t just any ordinary beer, the Löwenbräu brand beer survived the Hindenburg‘s flames. A firefighter on the scene called buried the six pack he found, and later recovered them after the hoopla died down. He ended up giving four to his friends (talk about a trooper!), gave one to the original brewery and kept one for himself, which his family eventually put up for auction last year.

[Source: Asylum]


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