The NFL is investigating an incident at New York Jets camp this weekend in which team players and coaches allegedly treated a female reporter in a sexually inappropriate manner.  The “New York Daily News” says Ines Sainz of TV Azteca from Mexico was the subject of whistles and lewd comments.  She also had footballs intentionally overthrown in her direction on Saturday as she tried to interview team quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Was she dressed too hot for the playing field???  You decide!!



Comments (97)
  1. John says:

    She’s gorgeous, eye candy, woman. Thank God.

  2. Toni says:

    Jealous, jealous, jealous! Get over it. If you’ve got it, flaunt it……

  3. John Minter says:

    Not business dress, but NOT too hot for the football field.TOO much is Chest and 1/2 the breast bare in general public. Women show cleavage to draw men’s stare to their breasts!

  4. juan torres says:

    she look nice and it brings up the ratings she cant help it if what ever she put on she look hot

  5. Robert says:

    women dress hot to get the attion from men, then when they get taht attention they will complain. If you don’t want that kind of attention dress in appropriate office attire.Women will complain if they don’t get attention or they will complain if they do get the atten tion.Complaining is in their nature.

  6. Veronica says:

    She is hot but there is nothing wrong with what is she is wearing gins and a blouse
    If that was Jackie Jonson they wood of treated her much much better and with respect

  7. Linda says:

    She is beautiful but maybe not so professional.

  8. Bill says:

    She looks marvellous! I’ve seen women in more revealing out fits at Football games and baseball games. They want to be noticed by the guys.

  9. dennisb says:

    really hot and men are not pigs for saying so. if u got it flaunt it cuz your going to lose it soon enough

  10. Papadon says:

    If she’s conducting fluff interviews at the field level she’s intended to be somewhat of a novelty and no more inappropriately dressed than any other young attractive woman attending the game. However, if she wants access to the locker room dressed like that, then yes, she should more professionally attired.

  11. Paul says:

    OK, while I think only one of these 3 photos is appropriate for the job at hand, men don’t need to act like pig’s. However lets keep in mind that this job assignment is in an area of high testosterone and men are at the high end of ‘Manliness’. If you didn’t want to see ‘Men’ being aggressive men why did you come? What would you expect to happen? Ladies, if you show it, we’ll look at it. Don’t be surprised! Why do you paint flowers on your toe nails? To be ignored? No, TO BE LOOKED AT! Gee, figure it out…

  12. gayel hawkins says:

    you’re a woman in a lockeroom full of testosterone, they just finished a game…you don’t go in there looking as though you’re trying to pick up the quarterback! Men in packs are pigs…alone, you’d get more respect.

  13. Cathy says:

    She’s hot yes. Too inappropiate “No” but a little unprofessional for the status of a reporter.

  14. jon says:

    If you want to be taken serously you need to dress the part. Her complaints are a B.S.
    she is just one more pretty face trying to get attention.

  15. Ruben Flores says:

    She can come into my locker room for an interview any time she wants to.

  16. Lee Huey says:

    let’s hope Tiger doesn’t meet her or maybe she could use a few mil.

  17. Arnaz says:

    Come on man. Lisa dresses with less clothes on K-EARTH, & Lisa looks just as beautiful.

  18. Jim says:

    Can the jeans be any tighter?

  19. John Maldonado says:

    She is hot hot hot. She’s latina and latinas like to show it off. What’s wrong with that? Ozzie and Harriet days are over.

    1. sandy says:

      You idiot, don’t generalize the “latinas” We have a lot more respect and morals than anyone, but it depends on how you are raised and the respect you give yourself and your dignity. FYI anyone dressed like this deserves what she gets.

  20. Don says:

    She is wearing more than the teams Cheerleaders. Get over it.
    Shame on you Gary!

    1. Gary Bryan says:

      Shame on ME??? Ha!

  21. Jim says:

    SHe knew what she was doing. She knew what would be the outcome. If it gets to hot in the kitchen meet in the freezer.

  22. Robert says:

    She looks great and not to much. I’m sure this is how Lisa dresses every day…………………

  23. John says:

    Unprofessional dress for business. Reporters are not supposed to be the story

  24. Paul says:

    Thank god for casual Fridays or what ever day it was. Love those levis.

  25. Ron says:

    O.K. on the field but a little much for INSIDE the locker room.
    Then again, not sure having a woman inside the locker room (with [semi-] naked men is such a good idea ANY time.
    When you “dress for success” why be surprised when you get it?

  26. al arambula says:

    not at all whats wrong with what shes wearing news caster dress up more provocative she looks sporty might confuse her with a cheerleader.

  27. Tom Mikola says:

    Ines is VERY hot, and NO, not too hot for gridiron!
    And NO, men are not JUST pigs, we are MORE than pigs: bulls, rams, elk, moose, antelope, rhinocerii, unicorns, owls, and toads… anything with “horns” because WE’RE HORN DOGS FROM BIRTH!

    Love you KEARTH ! And morning show crew: Gary, Timmy, Mike (?), Gavin?/Garth… Oh, and LISA! ! You are HOT, from your toes to your nose! You’ve got “IT”, all over Demi anyday! MMMMwwwwaahhh


  28. the crazy elephant says:

    Was the (?) “lady” dressed too hot, well the way a person is dressed, and if it is appropriate, depends on where and what the situation is about. She shows no respect, in my opinion, as to her job as a professional reporter, doing a ” jog “, for her employer. However, by what the idiots who are making decisons in our courts are allowing in respect to ” freedom ” of speech and ?????, she can do what she desires when she desires to do it, but then what about the freedom of the atheletes who she is interviewing, and their freedom to react to the way she chose to dress ??????? Thank You!!!!!!!!!

  29. Benjy Klein says:

    YES She’s hot, But that doesn’t allow alleged grown professional adult men to act so sophmoric.There is no excuse for this type of behavior. Don’t forget these athletes are suppossed to be role models for high school and college athletes, if they are acting like children how can we expect children to act like adults.-Benjy Klein

  30. Teri says:

    should of dressed a little more professional

  31. Lucy says:

    She is gorgeous, but not dressed provocatively. She just has one of those bodies that if she wore a Burka; she’d still be incredibly sexy.
    But that doesn’t mean men are pigs; that situation just got away from them all.

  32. Fran says:

    Please, I have seen worse on High School students on their way to school!

    1. sandy says:

      while this is true……it doesn’t excuse her!

  33. MARK says:

    women should not be alloud in mens locker rooms for this reason. most men will tease women in that sort of situation no matter how pretty the woman is…


  34. Robyn says:

    I like dressing sexy, but a reporter, whether it be on the football field or at a crash scene, this is not appropriate attire. She is totally unprofessional. Dress for success and respect. Lisa, I am disappointed, you are so wrong.

  35. Roger says:

    Sorry guys. She is definitely hot. A lot of these over payed Pro Sports guys don’t know what “class” is. I’m not defending what they did but she was appropriately dressed for a football game.

  36. alex almodovar says:

    She is gorgeous, as for the way she is dress what’s wrong??? Get over it.

  37. dave says:

    she is not even a typically beautiful women! if she only had Selma’s face

  38. Pete says:

    Wish our reporters dressed liked that. Am I a pig? Oink, oink!!!

  39. Mike says:

    She dresses that way and stands provocatively, flirtingly, to get attention. How can she complain when that attention is then given to her? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! How much does she want for her “embarassment”? PS: How about those shoes; functionally perfect for walking around on the grass field.

  40. Pilar says:

    Have you seen the network news lately? A plane crash served up with boobs and lipstick! Peace talks with a skin tight dress. Weathermen dancing. She’s dressed for a banda concert! But she’s no different than the rest. Too bad class doesn’t sell . . .

  41. Eleanor says:

    Attire is appropriate on someone who is not a professional. Ms. Sainz, mother of 3 or not, is a professional and as such should be dressed as one. She looks more like a groopie than a professional reporter. If the Jets are to be taken to task, so should she and her new affiliate.

  42. linda says:

    there’s a place and time to strut your stuff and on a football field is not the place. i don’t care how hot you look, men are going to make comments about women dressed like her. she should be wearing more conservative clothing when in front of a bunch of men.

  43. FILO says:

    i have never seen lisa stanley- is she as hot as her? looks good to me- the ugly people are the ones hating one her

  44. Dan says:

    At least USC is not mixed up in this.Oh wait Mark Sanchez is from USC.

  45. Tim Dupuie says:

    As a Professional reporter, she should dress presentable.

  46. sandy says:

    She just wants attention. Other women sports reporters don’t have that problem, you get what you ask for, not professional at all.

  47. Ron says:

    She is the one that should investigated! Her butt keeps staring at my eyes!

  48. Ron says:

    She is the one that should be investigated! Her butt is gaulking at every mans eyes. We get no respect!

  49. david niebla says:

    She is Hot and beatiful love her

  50. david niebla says:

    She is Hot and beatiful love her yes yes

  51. gary bryan says:

    Just remember: This is the same reporter who showed up at a Super Bowl press conference in a wedding dress and asked Tom Brady to marry her!! Cuckoo!!

  52. Janet says:

    What the heck was she thinking, anyway??? I mean, hello…??? What did she expect dressing that way? Let’s look….one hot female reporter, a bunch of keyed-up hot sweaty guys….hmmmm….Anyone??? Anyone???

  53. Irwin says:

    What she is wearing is appropriate but she should expect to draw attention with the jeans she is wearing

  54. gary b says:

    WOW that is one smokin hot lady!

  55. Dirk says:

    No she not to hot. And most men are not pigs.
    So I would have voted but the way you have stated ” No Men are just pigs” Just have the question Yes or No.

  56. Barbara says:

    No woman belongs in any men’s locker room. Men should be able to talk the way they want and walk around in any state of undress. She went in there knowing full well how she looked, Just what did she expect??? If she can’t handle being in men’s domain, then she should stay out, shut up, or wear something less attention-getting.

    1. Cindy says:

      Right on!!!

    2. Gary Bryan says:

      You’re a woman after my own heart!

  57. Chris says:

    not bad for a woman with three kids…

  58. Brian says:

    If men can’t be men, then why do we have women?
    That may sound sexist but the laws of attraction are what compels us to find mates in the first place.Go you dogs Woof woof.

  59. Mary says:

    In the professional business world, we are supposed to dress for the position we want to attain in the field. What position is she dressing for as her next position? It’s not an editing manager!

  60. Cindy says:

    Her attire is unprofessional for the locker room.

  61. John says:

    Hot or Not the oufit is not what a Professional person should be wearing!!

  62. Adolf Martin says:

    Who looks better in jeans and a blouse, Lisa or Azteca chick??
    That would be a good poll..

  63. glorianna says:

    I swear people just cannot be nice don’t be so judgemental just cause she sexy and beautiful doesn,t mean she’s not dressed right what does everybody want for us women to always be covered up in turtle neck sweaters! Hey I’m a heavy set women i wish i had that body so don”t hate all you fat women or men out there !!!!!!! gloria

    1. Olivia says:

      Really? Skin tight low rise jeans and a flirty white tank top is not apporpriate attire for a reporter who wants to be taken seriously. If you want that body walk away from the table.

  64. slowjay says:

    Has she made any comments about the incident ? Is she thinking “l’m so HURT” or “l’m so HOT” ?

    1. slowjay says:

      OOPS ! (she did comment) maybe the attention she got came from less desired individuals…. (?)

  65. Jake says:

    She’s a joke. She has set the progress that women sports reporters have made back about 25 years. She knows nothing about football, dresses inappropriately and should not be allowed on the sidelines and definitely not in the locker room. Leave the reporting to real reporters like Suzy Kolber.
    Inez Sainz should try out for one of the NFL cheer-leading squads. That would be more suitable for her dubious “talents”….

  66. martha says:

    stop making such a big deal of that situation,yes she is hot, so what? i don’t think is the only pretty woman the players have seen,and yes she knows what could happen,not just in her job,in any other profession, or what is the intention?

  67. Macz says:

    Not so hot BUT unproffesional. If she were at the beach she would get stupid comments.

  68. Olivia says:

    She’s gorgeous, but she wasn’t dressed for work.

  69. Melinda says:

    I don’t care what she wears but expect to get catcalls and be ogled if you dress like that work……

  70. Bob says:

    She knew what she was doing. What a nice body and ass.

  71. george says:

    hey men im ready for tomorrow and try to win me some gas and man is she a fine peace of eye candy hahaha u were all ready thinking wrong haha!!!!!!!!!

  72. Julio says:

    Gary was wrong this morning when he said that Ines Sainz is the same reporter that showed up at a press conference of Tom Brady dresed in wedding dress. He is out to lunch Gary get your facts straight get a researcher, the reporter that showed up at Tom Brady press conf was Ines Gomez-Montt. Both them work for the same network Azteca TV. Sainz is sport reporter and Gomez-Montt is an entertainment reporter.
    Please have some mercy with them.

    1. Gary Bryan says:

      We’re just talkin’! Believe me, it’s what she wants!

  73. Jane says:

    i think that she looks good for having children, shes complete dressed, her jeans are great. she looks good, and i see nothing wrong with her dressing

  74. Regis says:

    I as an employer would not want to hire her. She shows un professionalism and a high risk/liability.

    As the other comment reads “Jackie Johnson would have been received with much more respect”. Go Jackie, woman of integrity.

  75. Donald Mahany says:

    I think she looks great, certainly not too Hot. But she is no Jackie Johnson… Wow!

  76. SSG67 says:

    If she was only attending the game, her outfits would be fine but as a professional it’s no.

  77. George says:

    Hmm– let’s see, she’s on an athletic field where a bunch of physically fit professional atheletes are “warming up” getting their adrenaline and egos pumped for an extremely physical contact sport for which they’ll be paid millions of dollars and this totally hot babe shows up in gorgeous but totally INAPPROPRIATE dress for what she is SUPPOSED to be doing and you think what? Goodness sakes, she didn’t go to Sunday School!

  78. Danny says:

    Good Lord she is hot! Nothing wrong in my book with a fine looking woman showing her curves!

  79. gary law says:

    no and men are not pigs. who wrote that? the thing about this is that it could be a distraction. WOW, what a distraction. kind of like lisa . LOL! LOL!

  80. oghex says:

    She’s hot..just hot..not more

  81. Tom Jones says:

    She is just doing this to get exposure. At the end of the day she is using this stunt to better her career. I’m over it!

  82. Dale says:

    I teach at a University. While the Azteca reporter is cute, compared to tsome of he young women here, she dresses like their grandmother.

    1. Gary Bryan says:

      Wow. You’ve got it tough!

  83. Ruby says:

    Really men are making rude comments? Now that’s a shock, after all she is dressed like a hooker not someone who is working in a professional field! She can wear jeans & blouse but she should make sure they are actually her size & not exposing her FAKE breasts!!!

  84. Joe says:

    She got exactly what she wanted. If she can’t handle the attention dress like a church girl or do girls volley ball.

  85. Century13 says:

    She was not dressed appropriate as a reporter. However, Latina have different standard and dress more liberal than Americans.
    She did not know what the American professional standard is, especially nowadays, where every one dressed like a bum wearing jeans even for work.

  86. marvin alexander aguilar says:

    “WOW,WOW,WOW I’m not a dog but WOW,WOW,WOW

  87. Franklyn Liz says:

    Good publish! GA is also my largest earning. Nevertheless, it’s not a significantly.

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