FUN POLL: Who Is The Greatest TV Cop Of All-Time!


In honor the new Hawaii Five-O TV series coming out on CBS, we ask….

“Who Is The Greatest TV Cop Of All-Time”??

See the winner!!

Thanks for all your votes… Now check out the winner!!

The winner is Det. Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU!

olivia benson FUN POLL: Who Is The Greatest TV Cop Of All Time!


One Comment

  1. J Kent says:

    Matt Dillon was the best cop!

  2. Gary Bryan says:

    This is a tough category, but we gotta go with Peter Falk as Columbo! Although.. McGarrett was pretty cool on Hawaii 5-0!

  3. Laurie Ackerman says:

    Hi Gary, I vote for Tom (Magnum) Selleck!
    Have a great K-Earth day!

  4. Sandi says:

    Telly Savalas

  5. Matteo says:

    Columbo – hands down.

    1. Virginia Heredia says:

      My choice is Columbo – He was great!

  6. Michelle Leslie says:

    this will date me . . . the guy from Dragnet.

  7. Shirley says:

    Columbo, he’s got style!

  8. Bill Greene says:

    Sargent Friday from Dragnet!!!

  9. Michelle Leslie says:

    this will date me — the guy from Dragnet

  10. Robie Wittman says:

    Tough one – Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett had to be #1 and Jack Webb #2 as Sgt. Joe Friday!

  11. Greg Hahs says:

    Barney Fife!

    Quote-“Fortunately, none of mine goes to fat. All goes to muscle.”

  12. Lorrie Milton says:

    Just the facts – Sgt Joe Friday – Badge # 714

  13. SYLVIA WISE says:

    Jack Parr-Dragnet tv series

  14. C Latta says:

    Joe Mannix….show title was just “Mannix”

  15. ALEX DETHOMAS says:


  16. glenn tracchia says:

    Columbo!! “oh im sorry one more thing i have to ask, you understand….”

  17. Melinda Miller says:

    Mc Garrett, and Columbo hands down.

  18. lupe e says:

    Kojac! Loved the way he sucked his lollypop! yummy! =)

  19. Nadyne says:

    Andy Griffith

  20. Bryan says:

    Mcloud, the laid back NY cowboy.

  21. Debbie says:

    Joe Friday

  22. Roger says:

    KOJACK and his lolliepop!!!

  23. Joseph says:

    Inspector gadget

    1. Anthony 1000 says:

      Hell yea Inspector gadget was awesome

  24. Laurie Ackerman says:

    Hi Gary, I vote for the smartest and hottest female cop ,
    Det. Olivia Bensen! Go Mariska Hargitay!

  25. Monte says:

    Pete Malloy from Adam 12

  26. Candi Hutchinson says:

    I loved Fred Gwynne in Car 54, Where are You?
    What about Ponch? the guys in Adam 12?

  27. cindy says:

    “Sam McCloud” from Taos, NM

  28. Gary K. says:

    No doubt. It has to be Lt. Colombo!

  29. Dave S. says:

    The “smartest” cop was clearly Lt. Columbo. “Dumbest” was Barney Fife. “Best overall” was Jack Lord in Hawaii Five-O. I also really liked Sheriff Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke.

  30. Kevin S says:

    Columbo! But, how can you not mention Joe Friday?

  31. hjd says:

    Ironside (Raymond Burr

  32. David Darwazeh says:

    Jack Webb, for sure. Honorable Mention: Peter Falk. Wild Card: Ray Collins (Lt. Tragg from Perry Mason; despicable character, great actor)



    1. Arleen says:

      Back then he looked good and I wouldn’t have mind the frisks either but what about now? Is he even still around to frisk anybody?

  34. Mike Izuno says:

    Chris Cagney or Mary Beth Lacey

  35. Arleen says:

    Columbo fo sho!

  36. Crissie says:

    #1 Columbo, #2 McGarrett – Hawaii 5-0, #3, Kojak.

  37. Steve Douglas says:

    Come on!!! Starsky and Hutch hands down.

  38. Jan says:

    Car 45, Where Are you? org series.

  39. Terri says:

    I will always love Starsky of Starsky and Hutch

  40. j korkes says:

    at work we are going with mccloud

  41. Anthony 1000 says:

    its all about Eddie Murphy A.K.A Axle Foley

    1. Anthony 1000 says:

      we also cant forget dirty harry, Walker Texas ranger and Frank Debrin from naked gun

  42. MR#1 says:

    How about “Sgt Dan Mathews”??
    Played by Broderick Crawford on the “50s TV show “Highway Patrol”
    A VERY TOUGH Guy!!

    1. Anthony 1000 says:

      no one is tougher then dirty harry

  43. j korkes says:

    at work we are going with mcmcloud, dennis weaver

  44. P'Nut says:

    Joe Friday from Dragnet

  45. j korkes says:

    at work we are going with mccloud, dennis weaver

  46. Dee Smith says:

    Barney Miller. He always reminded of Omar Shariffe.

  47. bill richards says:

    jethro gibbs of ncis

  48. j korkes says:

    @ work were going with mccloud, dennis weaver

  49. Steve says:

    Magnum P.I.

  50. Brett yaden says:

    Andy Griffith but he shouldhave fired Barney!

  51. Moises M. says:

    Abe Vigoda as Phil “Fish” … Barney Miller … circa 1975-1980

  52. Gloria says:

    Joe Friday was the best cop ever & Telly Savales was second!

  53. Larry says:

    Joe Friday, with his side kick Harry Morgan.

  54. Jackie says:

    Columbo, although it’s a tough choice. But he was the best!

  55. Joanne Bergren says:

    Barney Fife – but of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. dane says:

    I say it has to be Buford Puser from “Walking Tall” he was so tough he just carried a big stick.

  57. Derek says:

    Angie Dickinson from Police Woman. She was tough and sexy. Teresa Graves was pretty tough too as Get Christie Love

  58. Kim says:

    Lenny Brisko – Law and Order

  59. Kenn Hoekstra says:

    T.J. Hooker!

  60. Herb says:

    Rock Hudson, John Schuck of Mc Millian and Wife.

  61. Linda says:

    Shamar Moore of Criminal Minds! OMGosh what a nice looking mean. I actually met him on an airplane and he kissed my hand!!

  62. Kathy says:

    First I was going to pick Tom Selleck. But technically he was a PI not a cop. However if we are going broad and thinking out of the box Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote.
    Others Cagney and Lacey or the Group on Hill Street Blues.
    No wait Michael Douglas and Karl Maldem in Streets of San Francisco.

  63. Mikey says:

    Okay I have 2: Lt. Horatio Caine of CSI: MIami and Barney Miller

    1. Mikey says:

      I retract my previous statement and add Steve McGarrett of Hawaii 5-0, Capt. Jim Brass of CSI and Det. Mac Taylor of CSI: New York

  64. Robert says:

    Mannix ! Mike Connors as Joe Mannix would get the living daylights beat out of him every week, but he kept coming back. Also, he drove race cars, and had Neil Diamond in a cameo club scene. And, the shows usually had a twist at the end.

  65. Pete G. says:

    Tony Baretta from da fifty toid precinct!!! Gotta be Robert Blake as Baretta!

  66. calnative says:

    Lenny Briscoe (L & O)

  67. mike kirwan says:

    Lt Columbo. Watch the show, you know who did it, how they did it, why they did it, and who is going to solve it. No need to try and figure it out, just sit back and enjoy it.

  68. Kathy says:

    COLOMBO! Although he looked like he just rolled out of bed–always wrinkled and sloppy looking–he used good ol’ common sense to get the bad guys! Peter Falk played his character perfectly.

  69. Tim Lewis says:

    As a retired L.E. Investigator and growing up in the 60’s the son of a police detective, I don’t know of any one TV cop show more influential than Dragnet and L.A.P.D.’s Det. Joe Friday … Just the facts Ma’am! Many other greats though …. Karl Malden in the Streets of S.F., Dan McGarret in H-5-0, Telly aka: Kojack (my fathers nickname along with “Skinhead”) in non other than “Kojack”. Peter Falk also had an influence on many real cops with the pre-occupied, less than intelligent cop approach … and it works. “He’s just a dumb cop” … lie all day. Getting lies are often better than the truth when it comes to nailing em down.

    Dep. Barney Fife aka; “Don Knotts” was a real classic and hero of many for his comedic hard charging approach. His pic hangs on the wall of many detectives work holes. He IS a legend!

    There can be an argument for many … but it’s got to be the “king of cops” … Det. Joe Friday … non more professional or influential with integrity.

  70. Harvey Apparis says:

    Brodrick Crawford from Highway Patrol. An oldie but a real goodie.

  71. Bob G. says:

    Peter Falk as Columbo

  72. mark dameron says:

    sgt. aurthr dietrich on barney miller

  73. Maria Carmen says:

    none other than “” CALAMBO “” best cop show every.!!!!!

    1. Maria Carmen says:

      Line I said “the best cop ever !!!” COLUMBO yaaaaaa!

  74. Grant Gagnon says:

    He is and always will be the Standard to be “judged ” by….

    Sargent Joe Friday aka Jack Webb

  75. Craig says:

    Have to go with Sgt. Joe Friday. “Just the facts, please.”

  76. Sharon says:

    Colombo and McGarrett a close second

  77. Ruby says:

    Out of that group, definately Columbo but I wanted Chief Bill Gillespie!

  78. KIKU STROMER says:


  79. gil says:


  80. Bear says:

    Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett – Miami Vice.

  81. Barney Fife says:

    He was the funniest….
    Always kept you laughing, he was real…..

  82. Christa C says:

    Barney Fife
    Need a laugh watch Andy Griffith Show,
    Barney was the real deal…..

  83. Andi Sica says:

    Sgt. Joe Friday – Love Dragnet

  84. Sandi says:

    Steve McGarrett

  85. Cindy says:

    Columbo – for his sly smarts. My first thought was for McMillan – his great acting and gorgeous looks! But Cagney & Lacy has to get it for Street Smarts and great Team work.

  86. Diane says:

    Tom Selleck Magnum

  87. Coy says:

    Jethro Leroy Gibbs – NCIS (Mark Harmon) he was also great in “The Presido” (movie) with Sean Conery

  88. Terry says:

    Telly Salvalas

  89. Diana McPherson says:

    I voted for Adam 12 Officer Pete Malloy! He was awesome on T.V and he is also Awesome in person. I can say he is good people. Went to school with some of his children.

  90. Mimi Powe says:

    Dirty Harry

    1. Mimi Powe says:

      He was the biggest, baddest, boldest of them all.

  91. Mimi Powe says:

    Sorry Guys, that was the movies.

    TV I’d say Columbo, Andre Bauer (?) Streets of Baltimore

  92. Nicky Dee says:

    Who luvs ya, baby? KOJAK

  93. Sam says:

    The best detective all around was undoubtedly Joe Friday. The best uniformed officer was Pete Malloy. The best interrogator spot is shared by Lt. Colombo and Andy Sipowisz. Colombo never took notes. Andy tuned his suspects up to get detailed statements.

    1. Fred says:

      Columbo frequently tooked notes. In some episodes he asked his suspect if he/she still maintained the statements that he had written in his notebook.

  94. Fred says:

    Does anyone remember Amos Burke ? ? ?

  95. mary says:

    Lenny Briscoe

  96. john says:

    what about barney miller or toma or hill street blues or the rookies or ploice story or ploice women or high way patrol or chips

  97. ben says:

    Thomas Magnum

  98. Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in The Closer. The best hands down!

  99. EARLENE BROWN says:


  100. gary law says:

    how about,’ HUNTER”, starring rams defensive lineman, FRED DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Gary Bryan says:

    Columbo and Joe Friday leading the pack! But how about Angie Dickenson as “Police Woman?” Or… Heather Locklear in TJ Hooker?

  102. Mary Avila says:

    Who loves ya baby!!!! It’s Telly Savalas.

    Gotta love that lollypop! How many cops lick a lollypop and get away with it!?

  103. Mary Avila says:

    who loves you baby? Tell Savalas! The best.

  104. Eddafed says:

    Lee Marvin of “M Squad”

    1. Eddafed says:

      He was a Smart, no-nonsence tough-guy

  105. Eddafed says:

    Lee Marvin of “M-Squad”. He invented the wheel as the smart, no nonsence tough-guy

  106. joseph says:

    the one and only the boys on chips ponch and john

  107. Claudia says:

    Telly Savalas as Kojak!! Yeah! Yeah! Give it up for Kojak!!

  108. Raffi S says:

    If you can’t do the Time than don’t do the CRIME, COLUMBO

    1. Fred says:

      The line “If you can’t…” is from Barretta, not Columbo.

  109. Jackie says:

    Jim Brass, CSI

  110. thefan says:

    HUNTER,no doubt. Angie Dickenson in Police Woman.

  111. John Howard says:

    Jack Webb, Sgt. Joe Friday, badge 714. Mark VII

  112. di says:

    I totally crushed on Steve McG-man; he was no-nonsense; I just wanted to mess up his hair though.

  113. John says:

    Andy Griffith – he had the most common-sense approach of them all.

  114. Fred says:

    Ellery Queen was not a cop, but had excellent detective skills.

  115. Fred says:

    Robert Goren. Does anyone need assistance to identify Bobby ? ? ?

  116. Steve says:

    Barney Miller. LOL!!

  117. CJT says:

    Gotta be Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday on Dragnet!!!

  118. Memphis says:

    Nobody’s as cool as Colombo! The crooks should think twice before messing with Colombo

  119. Jack Webb says:

    Jack Webb would be my choice although Jack Lord or Telly Savalis would give him a run for his money!!

  120. M. Kelly says:

    Lt. Mike Stone(Karl Malden) on Streets of San Francisco-now that was a great cop!

  121. Dave says:

    Joe Friday – Dragnet – “Just the Facts”

  122. James says:

    The best Cop of all time has got to be Dirty Harry – Clint Eastwood! Best line: “Go ahead, Make My Day!” Since he is not a TV cop – Mike Stone runs a close second, Karl Malden in “The Street Of San Francisco,” I’m sure you saw them shooting that when you were “Jumbo” Jack Bryan at 1260 KYA!

  123. phil wilms says:

    jack webb badge 714 LAPD

  124. phil wilms says:

    book em danno H50 jack lord was a great fun cop show
    adam 12 was fun also, chips, cop shows seem to dominate the airwaves today. some are good some just plain is one of the sucky ones.

  125. aloha-ray says:


    1. Laurie Ackerman says:

      Put another candle on my birthday cake, a wish I make on my birthday cake. you’re another year old today. Laugh and Be Happy!Thank you for thinking of our childhood heroes!
      They do make the best role models ! RIP Sheriff John

  126. Greg Hahs says:

    It’s not TV, but the best cop EVER????? Dirty Harry!

  127. Laurie Ackerman says:

    Mariska(Det. Olivia Bensen) may be hot, but more importantly, her character is smart, compassionate and that is just the facts that make her a strong contender for #1 Top Cop!

  128. Dee says:

    It’s a shame that a picture of Det. Benson wasn’t included in the slideshow, especially given the fact that she’s the only woman on the list. Afraid that her dangerously good looks would sway the vote?

    And if you include her, why not her partner? It’s all about Benson AND Stabler. Together they’re the best and hottest detective duo around.

  129. Del says:

    Olivia Benson Top Cop. Compassion and toughness.

  130. Helen Langley says:

    What about Angie Dickinson in Police Women or Anne Francis in Honey West, opps, she was a Private Detective

  131. Jo says:

    Barney was the best: no one can compare to him or the show:

  132. Joan says:

    Detective Olivia Benson ALLLLLLL the way!!!!! 🙂

  133. Denise says:

    Olivia Benson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. oldies76 says:

    Erik Estrada!

  135. Troy Herman-Cordova says:

    Sabrina Duncan (Charlie’s Angels). Smart, athletic, could do undercover like no other Angel and used her mind/wits over her sexuality.

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