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Entertainment Report: Mel Gibson’s Baby Mama Oksana Grigorieva Getting Ready To Sue

After the embarrassing and derogatory attacks Mel Gibson made towards ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in the past months, he now faces the inevitable: a hefty lawsuit. How much will it cost the actor? Find out and hear more juicy celebrity gossip from today’s Entertainment Report!

Oksana is about to file a lawsuit against Mel Gibson alleging battery, emotional distress, and defamation. Word is she will ask for $100 million for damages, I don’t think any type of disguise will hide Mel from this lawsuit.

Paris Hilton is making a plea deal to keep her out of jail. Will she be found guilty for her recent drug charges?

Mr. MovieFone gives us his six-second movie reviews!


One Comment

  1. pat says:

    the problem here is mel is a dog, he left his wife with 6 or 7 kids, he has had a long long history of poor choices, the reason his family left new york, in 1968 was that his father didnt want his older brother to be drafted, so they went to australia. mels visits to the states were a nightmare. He is a fair actor bringing the same character to all his movies. thats ok it seems to work, his best was hamlet but he couldn’t resist bringing some of his old character in that too, that cost him an oscar as far as i am concerned because hamlet was his best work ever. as far as his present problems, i thing he screwed up leaving his family no matter how much robin got, and she was what made him as far as i am concerned. his girlfriend should take him for all she can get. he uses his status to bully and now he needs to pay up. i think he is the one who sent a body guard to beat some one up it went to court i think . his history as far as a STAR is pathetic. I did like lethal weapon all except number 3.

    1. pat says:

      1. mel left a wife with 6 or 7 kids. he does not get a free ticket because he is mel gibson. he is a dog with an inflated ego. apparently he thinks money buys anything so let him pay his new lady and child. I personally am sick of him, and i was one of his fans from tim to lethal weapon.

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