Entertainment Report: The Bruno vs. Bolton Fight Has Escalated!!

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, [lastfm]Michael Bolton[/lastfm] is demanding a public apology from judge Bruno and that Dancing With The Stars reprimand him. What did DWTS say back to Bolton? Hear whether they’re in favor of Bolton or Bruno in today’s Entertainment Report!

Tell us if you think Michael Bolton is overreacting over Bruno’s criticism in our POLL!

L.A. County Sheriff investigators have now confirmed that they are now probing into a possible extortion plot targeting Mel Gibson.


One Comment

  1. Toni says:

    Bolton is such a girl!!!!

    1. Susan says:

      So now if someone stands up for themselves they are being a girl. Rudeness is never ok. If Bruno did not like the dance he should have just said so. Len and Carrie Ann did not like the dance and they didn’t become, loud, rude and abusive.

  2. Beyda says:

    YES, Bruno does owe Michael an apology…no further comment! Just do the right thing and move forward Bruno ! !

  3. Irene says:

    Definitely NOT! Hasn’t Michael been watching this show? He needs to grow up!

  4. Sandra says:

    I saw Michael dance and was in pain by the time it was done. Michael, I love your songs but the dance floor is no place for you. Should Bruno apologize? Absolutely not!!! I have seen Len get pretty direct (an downright harsh) on this show as well and no one seems to be bringing this up. Michael, get over yourself and recognize you just are not the dancer some of the other contestants are and Bruno gave you a true and direct critique.

    1. Tam says:

      I agree. Is Michael overreacting? In a word, Yes.

  5. Susan says:

    Yes Bruno should apologize. When did it become ok to be horrible just because someone is a celebrity. It was week two. I have seen way worse than Michael. Don’t forget he was sick all week and still tried. Bruno is a classless, rude jerk and that is not ok.



  7. Tam says:

    All this because Bruno said it was the worst jive he’s seen in all the years of dwts? What’s wrong with that? He was right. I don’t even know if what Michael Bolton did could be considered dancing. He barely moved, looked stiff and awkward. It is hard to accept criticism, sure, but that’s part of what this competition is about, dancing experience or no dancing experience. Take the comment and if you don’t like it, figure out why it was made and use it as an opportunity to better your self. Kit gloves and false praise won’t bring the fire to spur on improvement.

  8. Dan says:

    First. It is a dance show that is now a popularity contest rather than a dance competition.
    Second. It is about the dancers not the judges and they seem to be as choreographed as the couples. And while he was correct in his assessment it’s not the BRUNO show and he went overboard.
    Third. Michael Bolton has worse dance moves than his golf swing. Watch him play golf in a pro am and you would know he can’t dance. He has no rhythm.
    Fourth. Comparing him to John O’Hurley is absurd. When he griped about losing to Kelly Monaco he was right. He was clearly the better dancer.

    Apology. Sure. I am sorry Michael Bolton can’t dance.

  9. Martha says:

    Come on! This was week 2 of DWTS. Bruno has every right to critique in the appropriate way. I, myself cringed as I saw Michael dance. It would have been in better taste for Bruno to say what Michael could do to improve in future performances rather to go on and on as he did in such a cruel and humilitating way.

    Many say that Michael Bolton is childrish or a girl, but I say Bruno’s behavior leaned toward’s childish… I do not know if an apology at this point would help but I do believe there is a difference between critiquing and humiliating a peformer!

  10. Jim Wachs says:

    I don’t think Bruno needs to apologize. It’s part of the game but I think there should be a limit to the rudeness. This guy is supposed to be professional and not a jerk. Of course this could also be a ratings ploy. If so, it sure worked.

  11. Lori F. says:

    No. Michael Bolton should know that’s how the show works and understand the rules. I guess he thinks the unfavorable comments shouldn’t apply to him. I remember 4 year ago when my son was on Semester at Sea, his daughter was on the ship too and after the ship docked from the 4 1/2 half month trip, Mr. Bolton got on the ship without permission (all parents had to just wait for the dismemberment procedures) but he was “in a hurry” and he was a “celebrity” and shouldn’t have to wait like the rest of us! His behavior added several hours to the process, he’s just a big jerk in my opinion.

  12. Kru says:

    Len is the one who should apologize.. He has been harsh himself (His words about this years football player). He is the one that stirred this up with what HE said to Bruno. Len..Do the right thing !

  13. Lola says:

    Bruno is one of the most obnoxious characters on television and the fact that Dancing With the Stars continues to have him as a judge season after season annoys the heck out of me BUT. . . . I do think the most dignified thing Michael Bolton can do is just let it go because who gives a #*@* what Bruno thinks – Michael Bolton is a legend and has more talent as a singer/songwriter in his little toe than Bruno has in his entire over-the-top-embarrassing-to-most-gays style! Take the high road Michael – you are one of a kind in music!!!

  14. Tamera Morelock says:

    Bruno is an A*#hole everyone knows it…..he was just plain mean…..! Michael my not be a good dancer but thats not what the show is all about…..its learning to dance….! The judges are supposed to critique them not bring them down ! Bruno went overboard and he should appologize !

  15. Lucy says:

    My God, Bruno was rude! I want him to leave the show! He can not mess with our legend Michael Bolton. Bruno should really know better. I am heartbroken.
    Bruno, apologize at least!
    ~ Lucy

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