gary and lisa on cbs2 main Video: Gary and Lisa on CBS2!

Gary Bryan and Lisa Stanley recap the latest episode of Survivor┬álive on CBS2! So who has the better advantage when it comes to playing the Survivor game, the youth or the experience? Hear Gary and Lisa’s stance!

Who is trusted more on Survivor, the younger or more experienced contestants? Gary and Lisa say who they think live on CBS2!

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  1. Laurie Ackerman says:

    Two stars are born. Carly and I hope that both Gary and Lisa will change the way that radio will do business in the future.
    Gary and Lisa are two special breaths of fresh air every morning on K-Earth. They add to the beauty of each season of the year. Now to put their faces on CBS, this is quite spectacular. I admit, I never watched CBS news nor did I watch much CBS network ever since the days Lassie or Dallas . but with Gary and Lisa joining up with Kent and Lisa, I am now an avid fan of CBS news. Also, Gary and Lisa turned me onto the new Hawaii Five O. Gary and Lisa have a likeability factor. They are two cups of Starbucks with a great number of flavors added to their personalities.that make for a stimulating morning. Both of them have great empathy too.
    I also buy more products that Gary and Lisa represent during their radio ads. I find the way that they talk about the products is very appealing and genuine. I recently purchased a new Apple MacNotebook pro for Carly .
    The partnership of Gary Bryan and Lisa Stanley on both radio and local news is the future and model that that others should follow as an example of a new intevention of how giving the listeners and viewers the best of both worlds.
    Best wishes to both of you. Carly and I believe both of you have a bright future ahead of you.
    Break a Leg !

  2. gary law says:

    AGAIN. what are you doing w/ the fake blond. and fake face. and fake everything else, gary?

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