When it comes to [lastfm]Sean Lennon[/lastfm], he kind of got the short end of the stick. After all, did anyone think he could surpass his father [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm] in talent and notoriety? But the famous musician’s son has never quit making music, and now has even taken it upon himself to revive his father and mother [lastfm]Yoko Ono[/lastfm]’s not very culturally popular conceptual project, the [lastfm]Plastic Ono Band[/lastfm].

Below are highlights of a recent interview with Spinner did with Sean, where the musician spoke about his parents and his revival of the [lastfm]Plastic Ono Band[/lastfm].

On why he decided to create concerts of the Plastic Ono Band now:

Charlotte [his wife] and I have this record company called Chimera Music and we put out my mom’s latest album [2009’s ‘Between My Head and the Sky,’ credited to the Plastic Ono Band]. It did really well in terms of critical acclaim and sales, especially for an indie record. Also, just before that record came out, she won a lifetime achievement award at the Venice Biennale, so it really felt like the world was accepting and embracing her in a way they never had. A producer friend of mine suggested we should do some kind of ‘Yoko’ thing, and I thought, ‘Why don’t we reunite the original Plastic Ono Band and get some friends of hers together?’ Not so much a tribute show but more of a family variety show.

On writing with mother Yoko Ono for her last album:

I don’t feel responsible for her legacy because she did it herself. I’m just saying that this year happened to be the year of me being in a position to facilitate a lot of things.

On why his mother has success now, years after the negative Beatles stigma:

People that are still negative about her are hung up on some old dated idea. […] I think it’s very obvious that she has her own life going on, and if you don’t realize that, you’re pretty much living in another time; you’re really out of touch.

On how it felt to step into his father’s shoes while playing “Yer Blues” by the Beatles at the original Plastic Ono Band show in New York:

That song was the most fun part of the show for me. Just playing with Eric Clapton was a big honour. I was definitely one of those kids who grew up playing guitar along with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, so for me it was like playing baseball with Mickey Mantle.

On why he chose to do a Bealtes song at the concert:

We were looking for songs Eric had played on, or that he could do without any rehearsal because neither he nor my mother are really into rehearsals. We needed something we could just throw together at soundcheck. ‘Yer Blues’ was the obvious choice; he played on the record.

For full interview with [lastfm]Sean Lennon[/lastfm] and his wife, [lastfm]Charlotte Kemp-Muhl[/lastfm], check out the source here.

Check out the video of [lastfm]Sean Lennon[/lastfm], [lastfm]Yoko Ono[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Eric Claption[/lastfm] singing “Yer Blues” as the [lastfm]Plastic Ono Band[/lastfm] below!

[Source: Spinner]


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