Disney princess [lastfm]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm] is causing another uproar over the premature sexualization in her new music video for “Who Owns My Heart.” This time the president of Parents Television Council, Tim Winters, is lashing out at the 17-year-old pop star for engaging  in a “sexualized video like this one.”

Does Winters’ argument hold any ground, or is he overreacting to the teen star’s newfound club image? Watch the video and take the poll!

Waking up blindfolded, rolling around in silky sheets pantless, gettin’ down ‘n dirty with much older men (and women) on the dancefloor…doesn’t sound like something a former squeaky-clean Disney star would participate in, but [lastfm]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm] is all too eager to shake her “Hannah Montana” persona for a racy party girl image.

What do you think…has Miley gone overboard in her new video for “Who Owns My Heart,” or is her newfound sexiness along the same lines as all other pop stars out there?

[Source: NY Daily News]

Comments (14)
  1. Gary Bryan says:

    Big mistake to change her image like that!!!

  2. Laurie Ackerman says:

    When Annette Funicello left the Disney brand, she showed her respect to Walt Disney by wearing a two piece bathing suit in The Beach Blanket movies. I believe Mr. Disney knew what he was talking about. when he made this request of Annette Funicello.
    But where is the respect for the legions of young fans who watch Hannah Montana.
    I blame all of Miley’s handlerrs and most of all her parents!

  3. Paula says:

    She is being exploited…………..

    1. Laurie Ackerman says:

      I agree with you Paula. What happened to modesty?
      Her parents need to re-examen their own personal values so that fame forutne and money aren;t their real goals in life. Miley should be their guiding principle in terms of how to raise a healthy child.
      What I viewed in that video is Lolita or another Lindsay Lohan in the making! Is it just a matter of time when the tabloids will be talking about her fall from grace! Sad!

  4. Henri says:

    Just seen the video it’s such a shame that she doesn’t have any guidance from her parents. And shame on all the people who handle her affairs especially Disney.

  5. Donna T. says:

    hech noo…it’s not sexual in any way the child can hardly move as she’s dancing…

  6. Ron says:

    Absolutely too much! What’s wrong with being wholesome? When did we decide that every [female] entertainer who comes of age has to abandon their innocence/decency/modesty and subscribe to the insane idea that in order to remain poplular they must become trashy/sexy/whorish. What’s that teaching our children? What’s that say about our society? I’m saddened by her turn. It’s not love…it’s lust.

    1. Rachael says:

      We decided that when someone made the statement, “Sex Sells.” It’s sad, but it’s true.

  7. John says:

    If she was over 18 she can do what she wants, but she’s not I blame her parents and handlers . Pretty soon she’ll be right up there with Paris and Lindsay and we’ll be hearing Billy Rae singing My Achey Breaky Heart.

  8. Judith says:

    She’s disappointing her young fans by growing up that way. Look at other “Disney” stars, they’ve grown up too but not in a provocative way as Miley.

  9. Donna T. says:

    man yah ppl need to stop trippin…and dont be soo dam judgemental to miley actin like yah are so dam desent…

  10. Jennifer Hamilton says:

    Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart was a fictional character. Miley Cyrus is a real person. She is her own brand, not a poor exploited child actor that is only know for one role in their life and nothing more. She’s done music, film, voice in animation, and is #13 on Forbes list. Other Disney grads include Christina Agulera and Justin Timberlake and they have been very successful.

    Miley’s fans are also getting older. They don’t stay kids forever. In order to survive in this business and be competitive you are up against the top artists that do all of this and more. Heck, Cher was doing this in the 80’s. Just about every female artist in pop is doing the same thing.

    Nobody should be limited in their career and art by a parents group who refuses to let the girl grow up into the young woman she is.

  11. lu says:

    it’s the same as other videos, brittney, jlo, christina, gaga and etc. always in the clubs and less clothes, it’s too much of the same ole videos, get a new idea.

  12. Lucas says:

    I think that Miley Cyrus is cool!

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