Don't Feel Like Exercising? Stop Slacking Off!

Have you found yourself in an exercise rut? The shorter, darker, colder days can make you too cozy or exhausted to pull on your trainers and get your bottom to the gym. But we all know exercise is the perfect way to get rid of that seasonal fatigue–and make holiday noshing a little less hazardous for your gut!

1. The Excuse: With my crazy schedule, getting to the gym is pain in the butt!

How to Get Around It: Exercise physiologist Tom Holland says there are not excuses! “There are so many exercises you can do at home to keep in shape when you don’t feel like shlepping to the gym. Simple body weight exercises, like push-ups, squats, lunges and tricep dips, are a few of the most effective exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime. Exercising at home is a great time to focus on really strengthening your core; do variations of crunches and plank exercises that will flatten that midsection and protect your back.”

2. The Excuse: You’re really tired.
How to Get Around it: You probably need to work out! Exercise relieves stress and provides you with the alone time that you probably sorely need. Just don’t overdo it. Listen to your body and treat it right! Holland says: “Difficulty sleeping, crankiness, decreased desire to work out and decreased performance when you do exercise are all signs that you may be overdoing it. If that’s the case, taking a few days to a week off will get you to the next level when you do return to exercising!”

3. The Excuse:You haven’t seen results and you’re frustrated.

How to Get Around it: “Completely switch your routine around! Always use dumbbells for strength training? Do a workout on machines only. Love your workout on the elliptical? Do 30 minutes on the StairMaster instead. Never use the cable machine? Use it exclusively for a week. Variation is the key to success.”

4. The Excuse:You’re bored with your routine.

How to Get Around it: “You need focus, a reason to work out, a definitive goal. Sign up for an event like a 5K or an organized bike ride. Make it a challenging goal, one that will push your limits and lead to a sense of satisfaction when you achieve it. Even better, do it while raising money for a charity you support to invest in yourself further. Having a specific goal and date for achieving it is a powerful tool in exercise adherence.”

  • What are some of your tips to get out of an exercise rut?

[Source: Yaho


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