Many women claim that they are just too busy to take care of themselves, because they are busy taking care of others. You shouldn’t have to be an unhealthy martyr for the good of your family. Throw those excuses out the window and make sure you are getting these five super-important tests! It’s not only for your own good; it’s for the good of your family too. Where would they be if you weren’t around?

1) Cholesterol Screening-While women are on top of their cancer screenings, Simi Valley Hospital’s family medicine expert Dr. John Dingilian says many women take cholesterol screening for granted. The sad truth is that heart disease is a bigger killer than cancer. Dinglian elaborates: “This is something that goes under diagnosed in women.It is a very common and important thing to check on just like your pap smears, mammograms and other screening tests.”

2) Pap Smear- You should be screened cervical cancer screening every year unless you have tested negative, don’t have the Human Paploma Virus, and are in a committed monogamous relationship. Then you can stretch it out to every three years.

3) Mammograms– The government recommends that women age 50 and over get mammograms bi-annually. However, the American Cancer Society’s guidelines say that women should get annual mammograms starting at age 40.

4) Colonoscopy- Unless you have a family history of colon cancer, doctors recommend a colonoscopy starting at age 50 and then every three to five years after that.

5) Physical Exam For Skin Cancer-While you may think your skin is fine, new moles or discolorations can signify skin cancer. Make sure you report any skin changes to your physicians.

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  • Are you keeping up with your important tests? How do you remind yourself?

[Source: ABC Local]


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