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Morning Show Poll: What Is The Scariest Movie Of All-Time?

Halloween is coming up on Sunday… time to get out the scary movies!!!

So we ask……

What is the scariest movie of all-time??

Don’t see your favorite here??? Then just “comment below” to leave your scariest movie!!!


One Comment

  1. Lorelei McBroom says:

    After seeing the Exorcist, I was afraid for 3 months during the day, during the night, I was a wreck! It made me really reassess my relationship to my true spiritual faith! What a movie.

    1. Michele Cook says:

      Sooooo totally understand…..I’m still afraid of the dark!! Saw it when it first came out…OMG!!! Got me closer to God….I’ll tell ya that!!

  2. John Maldonado says:

    Any scary movie based on a true story just freaks me out. But I would say The Exorcist.

  3. Laura says:

    Nightmare On Elm Street (only the 1st one) is another movie that’s scary but JAWS really scared the crap out of me as a small kid and made me not learn to swim until I was twenty something y/o, and I learned to swim in a pool, hah hah hah. ( :

  4. Gary Bryan says:

    I saw Jaws and looked around my apartment for sharks! Insane!

    1. Laurie Ackerman says:

      Hi Gary, I was a certified scuba diver for almost five years when Jaws was released. I loved the water and enjoyed all of my dives. But once I saw this movie I figured I had a great run and never went scuba diving again
      RIP to the young college student who lost his life in the surf to a great white shark.. His parents spoke courageously and said their son died doing what he loved to doing in life. Surfing was his passion.

    2. Mikey says:

      How old were you, Gary?

    3. Laura says:

      Card sharks?

  5. J Kent says:

    Texas chain saw massacre!

    1. Amy says:

      J Kent,

      I sooo totaly agree with you. I never saw the first Texas Chain Saw Massare, but the re-make scared the s*^t out of me. I really don’t’ like taking road trips.

  6. Dee says:

    I saw an old movie last night called Homicidal. The reveal at the end isn’t scary but the suspenseful part before it is and I don’t scare easily. It’s an homage to Psycho.

  7. Michele Cook says:

    Other than the Exorcist…I’d have to say the real “shining” (not with Jack and Shelley). The screenplay was written by Stephen King and shown on T.V……anyone see that one? Geez….what a movie! Didn’t even end like the first one!!

  8. Laurie Ackerman says:

    Does anyone remember the 1960 scary called 13 Ghosts with Charlie herbert?
    Also, I saw The Exorcist at 2:30AM. I was so terrified that when left the movie theatre and drove home I was pulled over by a police officer for speeding.When he asked me why I was speeding, I told him you would have sped home if you just saw The Exorcist.
    The cop didn’t buy my story and I still got a ticket! My mind and body still shakes with fright to this day! My 15 year old saw this moive and she thought it was funny! She said The Amityville Horror will sicken you for days after seeing it! I am swearing off all horror movies! Happy Halloween !

  9. anna says:

    The Blair Witch Project

  10. David M. Perez says:

    This movie changed my life at that time. I couldn’t sleep for two days because the movie frightened me so much. I was about fourteen at the time and my older brother thought it was fun to take me to the drive in to go see this movie. IT is still one of the scariest movies ever made and I recommend it to everyone. LOL

  11. devin from reno says:

    house of a thousand corps

  12. devin from reno NV says:


  13. Michele Cook says:

    Anyone see the real “Shining” (not with Jack or Shelley)? The screenplay was written by Stephen King and was on T.V. It took 3 nights to conclude. OMG!!! It even ended different!! SCARY!!!

  14. Kathy Shepherd says:

    I think “IT” is pretty freaky, I understand why people don’t like clowns…MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀

  15. Kathy Shepherd says:

    I would say “IT” is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. It’s really freaky and now I understand why people have fear of clowns..MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 😀

  16. Kathy says:

    Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”
    or the OMEN. Neither are on your list

  17. Mikey says:

    Wow….. The Exorcist is a truly great film, but I think The Grudge was scarier. My girlfriend walked out twice – I went the first time but stayed the second time. Jaws is great, but not that scary – Jurassic Park scared me worse than Jaws – was looking in the theatre bathrooms for raptors after I saw it – I was nine I think. I had nightmares after seeing a scene from The Unborne. But all in all, I think the Exorcist is the scariest film ever!

  18. Sandi says:

    Am I the only 56 year old that has never seen The Exorcist? Jaws scared the crap out of me……….

    1. Mikey says:

      You should really see The Exorcist. It’s a fantastic movie.

    2. Lupe says:

      Yes you are! LOL

  19. Matteo says:

    “The Exorcist” is quite scary, but so is “Paranormal Activity.”

  20. maryisagrandoldname says:

    Holloween 1978 with Michael Myers – I had to indure every single light in the house on all night for weeks because my daughter was so terrified – furthermore someone I knew started to sleep with her parents again, she was 21 years old.

  21. JVB says:

    After seeing The Exorcist, I slept with a Rosary around my neck for a week!

  22. Laura says:

    Oh Yeah I remember the BLOB. I was more fascinated by that thing than being scared. Imagine a massive ball of slime devouring humans, hah hah hah hah.

  23. victoria says:

    Salems Lot with David Soul kept me up for nights. That was way before vampires were cool.

  24. Laura says:

    Remember the movie “ORCA” with the killer whale? Well that confirmed my fear of the sea as a kid even more but Psycho is psychotically scary. I refuse to shower w/o locking my door and I have to use shower curtains I can see thru. For real.

  25. lupe says:

    Back in the Day The Exorcist wa the all time scary movie! I slept with my mom for months I was only 14 when I saw this movie!!!! But today I would have to say it is Paranormal Activity 2 that does it for me! I love the rush of fear from this movie!

  26. Laura says:

    The Exorcist wasn’t scary to me but it sure did give me a new look on life and what can happen to anyone. As a kid seeing this being from a Christian home I understood more @ a very early age the true difference between the forces of good and evil.

  27. Chris says:

    Split Second with Rutger Hauer- 1993. Horror meets Sci-Fi. My heart was beating so fast I thought I needed to go to the ER.

  28. Fred says:

    Event Horizon is not that recent. It came out in 1997.

    It ! came out in 1967 starring Roddy McDowall. The title refers to a Golem.

    “The Shining” movie came out first in 1980. The mini-series aired in 1997. Stephen King was not happy with Kubrick’s adaptation. King was personally involved with the mini-series.

    The female character on Hawaii 5-0 is named Kono. The actress is Grace Park. The character name is exactly the same name used in the original series. That Kono was a very portly Hawaiian gentleman.

    The scaries movie for me, was the original “House on Haunted Hill”, starring Vincent Price.

  29. dennis barbour says:

    I would like to mention “The Manitou” and “Coma”. I saw those two movies as a double feature back in 1976 when I was a teenager and at the time I had to grab the seat arms several times.

  30. Trish says:

    Dressed to Kill with Michael Caine and Angie Dickenson

  31. Steve says:

    Chain saw massacre: Scared the hell out of me when Leather Face hung the chick on the meat hook!

  32. Honey says:

    The Original “War of the Worlds”
    As a young girl saw it at the Drive-in Movie wirh my Brother, Mom & Dad. I was soooooo scared. There are so many good old scary movies, Birds, Jaws and many more. Don’t forget good old Freddy!!!!!! Have a Happy Holloween :))))))

  33. Julia says:

    Another weird scarry movie was Michael Chrichton’s Sphere 1998.

  34. Frank says:

    Love Story… Ali McGraw’s 1 whole eyebrow frightened me so much… I had nightmares for at least a year!

  35. George Osorio says:

    The Hills Have Eyes. I was left paraniod for a month after watching the movie!!!

  36. connie says:

    salems lot it was in the 70s and it was the scariest movie.

  37. Candy says:

    My husband was reading the exorcist about 11:00 at night and our daughter Jenny was 18 months old at the time. She decided at the most scariest part of the book to stand up and shake her crib against her wall. My husband nearly past out. Never had such a good laugh since.

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