[lastfm]Rod Stewart [/lastfm] is a very attractive bundle of contradictions. Recently, the 65-year-old singer and expecting father expounded on his beauty tips: daily facials, eating super healthy, working out 5-days a week and…not caring about aging?

Rod Stewart says he  “works like a dog to look like this. There’s no easy option. I’m obsessed with my health . I have a trainer five days a week.”

While we totally respect him for getting daily facials, eating carrots for every meal, and being fit enough to run marathons, Stewart also says he doesn’t try or worry at all:

“But the thing is not to worry about age. I don’t give a toss about getting older. I like it as long as I’m healthy. My skin is good because I’ve had a facial every week for 30 years. I started when I was with my first wife Alana Hamilton. Back then it was just me and a load of women at the beauticians. Now they’re getting the men in too. I was the trailblazer for all that men’s grooming stuff.”

So, has he been getting facials for 30 years or not giving a “toss” about getting older? We are really confused. Because that doesn’t sound like not caring.

Stewart also admitted to being a bit of a wino and caffeine-addict: “I have a couple of glasses of wine every day after 7pm. I like Italian wines. On top of that it’s tea. Proper British tea. Since I moved to Los Angeles in 1975, one of the biggest causes of me having a row is people not making tea properly. I love my tea. Having a little bit of what you fancy is definitely all good.”

Hey, we are all for having daily indulgences as well as working hard to maintain a healthy body. But we definitely wouldn’t say we don’t “care.” But maybe we haven’t reached Rod Stewart’s level yet.

  • What do you think about Rod Stewart’s beauty tips? Do you agree with them? What are your beauty tips? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Music-News]


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