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Just like the old saying “you are what you eat” with food, the TV shows you watch during the week directly relate to your genetic makeup! Ad targeters Mindset Media now have research to back up what personality traits are correlated with certain shows, revealing viewers’ habits.

So what do the shows you watch say about you? Check out the list and see if your personality matches up with the results they found!

If you watch…

Mad Men: Viewers of this 60s-inspired television show are usually creative and socially liberal. Creative –meaning emotionally sensitive and intellectually curious — are 41% more likely to watch than other viewers, and are the same kind of people who prefer Mac’s vs. PC’s. Social Liberals are 124% more likely to tune into the period piece since they don’t buy into to moral authorities and prefer brands like Blue Moon instead of Campbell’s Soup.

Family Guy: Viewers of this boundary pushing cartoon are usually rebels and risk takers. Rebels are 61% more likely to watch Fox’s crude animated hit than the “squares”; they don’t like rules or structure, and often voice their opinions using anger or sarcasm. They like brands like DiGiorno and the Ford F150. Risk takers are 50% more likely to watch and are open to new challenges, preferring Totino’s and Harley-Davidson brands.

Glee: Viewers of Fox’s hit musical comedy are usually open to new experiences and creative. Those whom the study calls “experientalists” are open people who search for unique and varied experiences, and they are 24% more likely to watch. They favor brands like Evian over Quaker cereals. Creative people are only 12% more likely to watch.

Dancing With the Stars: Viewers of the dancing competition are usually traditional and compliant. These traditionalists prefer stability and respect authority, and they are 21% more likely to watch that the rebel-rousers who watch Family Guy. Compliant viewers are 16% more likely to watch DWTS and tend to defer to others and don’t like aggressive behavior. They’re also more likely to buy Fiber One cereal than Mountain Dew.

The Office: Viewers of this doc-style comedy are usually superior to others (at least in their own minds). They are 47% more likely to watch and believe they are extraordinary and brag about their accomplishments (just like the lead character, Michael Scott). They prefer car brands like the BMW Series 3 over the Lincoln Town Car.

The Biggest Loser: Viewers of the weight loss show are usually realistic and traditional. Realists live in the present and work with what they’re given, and they are 20% more likely to tune in to NBC’s weight-loss reality hit. They prefer brands like Bud Light. Traditionalists are 24% more likely to watch, and like brands like Velveeta.

The Real Housewives of Orange County: Viewers of this drama-filled reality show are usually pugnacious and a leader. Pugnacious people are unafraid to tell others what they think and value honesty over keeping the peace. Hmm, sound like some housewives we know? They’re 33% more likely to watch Bravo’s flagship reality series than average and gravitate towards brands like…Botox. Leaders are decisive and willing to take charge and are 25% more likely to watch than others. Leaders prefer brands like Crest Whitestrips.

[Source: Yahoo!]

  1. Fred says:

    What about people that do not watch ANY of these shows ? ? ?
    – – – As for myself, I will admit that I sometimes do watch ONE of these shows, but I do not use either of the products mentioned for it.

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