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Gloria Allred posted an “Open Letter” to Charlie Sheen and now we’re asking you to do that same thing!!

First check out Gloria’s letter!

Here is Allred’s entire open letter (the juicy parts are in red):

Dear Charlie,

You did it again. I can almost see the smirk on your face. You were involved in a scandal in New York where you damaged property and your female companion was allegedly so frightened by your conduct that she hid in the bathroom.

The resulting coverage boosted your ratings for your CBS show “Two and a Half Men.” What you did in the hotel room seemed not to faze you any more than your past criminal conduct has.

Yesterday you were quoted on Extra as saying “If a guy has one bad night everybody goes insane and panics. I’m not panicking.” I can understand why you aren’t panicking Charlie. By now, you understand that the mainstream press and the Hollywood press have their own addiction. They are addicted to celebrities and to scandal, and you are one of their favorites.

They love covering what you do, because it is good for their business as well. The fact that you have hurt women in the past and that you present a potential risk to them in the future if you do not get help seems to be of little or no concern to the press.

They either ignore it, gloss over it or minimize it. For example, last Saturday night, CNN aired what they titled “The Charlie Sheen Story”. Nowhere in the broadcast was it mentioned that a criminal case was filed against you in Malibu, CA in 1997 (People v. Sheen, Case #7MA0345) or that in that case, my client, Brittany Ashland, alleged that she suffered substantial physical injuries because of you. Nobody mentioned that you pled no contest in that case to one count of battery with serious injuries, Penal Code Section 243D, a misdemeanor. CNN completely failed to state that your sentence was one year suspended jail time, two years probation, $2,800 fine, 300 hours of community service and 8 counseling sessions.

Elsewhere in the media, there was also hardly any mention of that case when reporters discussed your latest scandal. Instead the discussion was about you, your addictions, whether you party with prostitutes, and your ability to continue to work on your hit show. In other words, with rare exception it was all about Charlie, with minimal mention of women you have hurt in the past.

Almost nobody mentioned that in the recent criminal case brought against you in Colorado that you were originally charged with felony conduct against your wife Brooke Meuller. Almost nobody quoted the full quote of one of the responding police officers to your home in Aspen.

Valerie McFarlane (also my client) has stated “I was one of the responding police officers on Christmas day 2009 to the Sheen home in Aspen. During my investigation I interviewed Charlie Sheen’s wife. I also observed her injuries and photographed them for the record. I observed a red mark on the upper part of her neck which appeared to be as a result of a strangulation hold and red marks on her arms. I also saw older bruises that appeared to be in the healing process.  A knife was recovered at the scene which Brooke alleged had been used by the defendant to threaten her.  Brooke was crying uncontrollably as she described the incident to me.”

In fact, the press barely mentioned that you were convicted of misdemeanor assault on your wife, Brooke Meuller for what you did to her in your home on Christmas Day 2009.

After all, it was only the mother of your children that you assaulted in your home.

Dangerous and criminal conduct against a woman seems not to matter to most press. What really matters to them is Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

The fact that the court failed to require you to serve any time in custody for your criminal conduct in the case involving the victim Brittany Ashland, and the criminal case involving your wife is not generally considered important enough for serious discussion.  Instead there seems to be an almost secret admiration for how you get away without serious consequences for your dangerous criminal conduct.

I was in court in Aspen and noticed the smirk on your face when the court failed to sentence you to jail time. I understood why you smirked. As a celebrity you seemed to get away with what the typical person without money and power cannot. You might also have felt that the criminal justice system as well as most press stands in awe of your celebrity and appears to be seduced by it.

Charlie, I for one am not seduced by it. I don’t think assaulting and hurting women is funny. I am not one of those standing in line hoping for an interview with you, or an autograph.

Instead, I think about women you will meet in the future. Will they be at risk of harm if you do not get help?

I think about your young daughters. What kind of message are they receiving about violent criminal conduct that men like you are permitted to engage in with little or no consequence?

What if men did to them what you have done to women?

You may have a smirk on your face now, but I doubt that you would think that it was funny if your daughters were the victims of criminal acts. At this point, for the sake of your daughters and other people’s daughters I hope you and your enablers (the celebrity press) get help before it is too late.

Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law
November 9, 2010

Pretty harsh words from Allred…Now post your own open letter by commenting below, what do YOU have to say to Charlie Sheen?!

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  1. Beyda says:

    well…as much as i love Charlie Sheen for his Two and Half Men sitcoms….I must say, Cloria does have a very valid point here and that is …what if some day this may happen to his daughters?…hmmmm would he be smirking then?

  2. Mikey says:

    In my opinion, Charlie is a great actor from one of Hollywood’s greatest families, but his off-set antics go beyond normality. While I feel and probably know it’s 100% that drugs and alcohol are the root causes of his erratic behavior, he needs help that goes beyond just the normal 90 days of rehab. His family has nearly lost him several times and he still relapses despite help. I think he’s got a lot in common with celebs like David Hasselhoff and Mel Gibson in that he had a good woman who did her best to keep him on the straight and narrow and once they split, it was downhill from there. Reminds me of Andy Gibb and his battles with addiction. Hopefully Charlie can learn to get his stuff together and stay clean. We don’t need another talented celebrity to die young.

  3. Beth says:

    What I guess a lot of us is upset about Charlie Sheen’s behavior is that while millions of us are holding on to our jobs earning not even a dot to what he is earning an episode on his show two and a half men, there he is flaunting his misbehavior with drugs, women of ill repute and booze.

    He’s got children and his behavior totally shows his immaturity.
    What legacy is he imparting?. What wisdom is he leaving them? . What footsteps is he giving them to follow.?

    Denise Richards was wise to divorce him, an irresponsible father and thus hopefully shielding them from the shame he is flaunting to all of us

    A lot of people think he is a hero ? That is misguided obsession. I am sure his father is heart broken to see that he might be successful to the world, he is a total failure in the eyes of those who love him and to God. He is a SUCCESSFUL FAILURE!

    He does not deserve what he is earning. His ways are a slap on the face of each of us hard working human beings

    Proverbs 12:28 In the path of righteousness is life, but the way of error leads to death

  4. tina says:

    Stop being Charlie Harper and start taking care of your children and being there for them. Use to love the show….but not any longer….

  5. Ron says:

    Just a little hypocritical to mention “the women you have hurt in past” when she made her fame (and fortune) representing abortionists and their clinics!!!

  6. Kathy says:

    I don’t have anything to say to Charlie. My open letter would be to Gloria Allred.
    You really are not that great of an attorney. You are only good about getting clients who will ge you some publicity. You are nothing more than an “amublance chaser”. The female version of Larry H Parker.

  7. felicia says:

    I love Charlie Sheen 🙂 hes the best actor, & hes so cute. I will support him no matter what, or how much trouble he gets in, i guess im just a TRUE fan.!

  8. Aniela S says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I know you don’t know me and like many other people, you may never know me, but I just wanted to share with you something important that came to me today. It may not be important to you or you may not get about it or even get to read this, but I thought I might try to get it to you just in case.
    Well, I use to think you were one of the most God Favored people who walked on the face of this earth. You and Oprah. I remembered waking up one day wishing I was more like you and asking God how he can love you with both hands while he loves me and some other people with just one. I watch your show 2 and half men all the time. My husband and I are big fans and we watch every episode. In one of your episode you even got on your knees thanking God for loving you with both hands and for giving you so much. It was like you have read my mind. I thought it was so unfair. You have so much but appreciate it so little.
    After that it’s like God has turned against you. About a week later you were on the news accused of abusing your wife. Then it was downhill from there. Everything started going wrong in your life. Ever since then it seems like you can’t catch a break.
    Well I wanted to say sorry. It feels like I have requested a curse upon you, why , for no reason. I feel like I have asked God to test you or to prove to me that he does not love anyone with both hands. As a matter of fact those he loves he tests the most.
    Well Charlie, I want you to give God a try. Obviously God is calling you and wants you to turn your attention to him. It’s a sign that he wants you and wants to save you. I believe that he can bring peace in your life if you turn and give your life to him. GOD Wants you now and things will only get worst if you delay.
    You are a good man. You are a great man. I can since that you are a great father, a loving man. You are so loving that you feel that you should give a piece of yourself to every beautiful woman. And honestly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.
    I will not judge you. I really know nothing about you. I just wanted to suggest that you turn to God for a while and see what he wants from you; because I think he is calling you.
    Aniela St Laurent

  9. Dcoles says:

    Do you really think that America buys that an alcoholic narcissist is someone to look up to. The story of the stolen watch is oh so fabricated. Think Charlie can lie, better than any normal person. The answer is YES.
    Narcissists can not be cured, Charlie will continue this behavior for life. Anyone who has experienced this mental disease will see the signs that are common to all narcissists. The public got to see narcissistic rage. If Charlie stopped the drinking and drugs- he will always be all about himself. So sad but the American public should not be exposed any longer.

  10. dinah says:

    For one thng Charlie was with a prostitute in NYC. Excuse me what the hell does she expect in her line of business?????

    Someone needs to make Charlie understand that the path he is taken will kill him.

    I had heard once on the news that he became Born Again. What happened there?

  11. jessica rivera says:

    hello charlie my name is jessica i just love you on the show two and the half men and i was wondering if i could have those colorful cups you drink out of i just love those cups i would be happy if i could get a signed cup from you that would mean the world to me thanks

    1. Just a fan says:

      Jessica–I think Charlie has bigger things to tend to right now, but I love you are a fan like me! : )

  12. Sharkdetector says:

    Gloria is a typical shark – they exaggerate and lie to milk the system and get the most money. I bet if she were Charlie’s lawyer she’d be saying how great and misunderstood he was. You can never trust any sharks.

  13. Renee Morris says:

    Dear Mr. Sheen,
    Your world is up side down, yet to you it probably looks right side up. Free will is a tricky thing. Without belief in a power greater then ourselves, we who know addiction try to kill the demons that we face day in and day out. But all we do is desecrate the self and the people who love us we hold hostage. I hope you find freedom and peace in this life. The elevator is broken, use the steps.

  14. melissa says:

    oh for gods sake charlie. your an actor nothing more. people want this from you want that from you. love your show, but if you kill overdose next week, we just turn the channel. wise up aqnd quit tryin to (play the part) no one cares!

  15. josie says:

    TO charlie sheen i was watching tv and the news CHARLIE SHEEN in the hospital AND THEN THEY SHOWED YOUR FATHER how much more pain should he feel look into his eyes maybe you will get better your father loves you charlie stop killing him GET BETTER FOR YOUR FATHER

  16. ernest thornton says:

    God loves you and want great things out of you. I am praying for you. Please get out of self and think about others that love and care for you. Come on Man-you got a lot of movies left in you.
    God Bless you!

  17. Cathy says:

    Dear Charlie,
    You don’t know me but I have never written something like this before, I feel I have to share my devasting experience with drugs & alcohol with you, maybe you’ll “wake up” & see what your doing to yourself & family………

    First, do I ever agree with Aniela S posting. You must turn to God for help. Over the past 2 years, my 26 yr old nephew was going through the same as you. Had a very good job working as a underwater diver/welder in Florida, had a beautiful fiancee and daughter and had everything in the world until he starting using drugs. It went from alcohol to prescribed pills, than shooting up the pills, and than to herion.

    I will never forget the 1st call I rec’d from Florida that he was arrested for assaulting a LEO and placed in jail. I flew down, bailed him out,hired an attorney and for the grace of God,he was only fined and placed on probation.

    The 2nd call I rec’d a few months later, he had overdosed from shooting up. Again, I was there for him, again flew to Florida and immediately (with his consent) he went to a rehab for 30 days. I also took out a 2nd mortgage on our home for this, as we are just middle class people and not rich. After his stint in this rehab I found out he was out the next day continuing the same. I immediately flew to Florida,snatched him up and brought him back to NJ with us. He got a job and 1 month later was found by the grace of God, overdosed in his car and was revived. He continued to fight this battle of demons. 3 months later we found him over-dosed in his room, and again, to the grace of God, was revived by his own mother, something a mother should never have to do on their own son! He knew the hell he was putting us all through, just like you are doing to your family and children.

    He finally accepted that rehab stints were not working so he decided to turn to God. He put himself into a Christian Rehab and was there for 6 months, came back to NJ and lived with myself & husband for months. In October of this year, he was offered his old job back in Florida, he had everything handed back to him on a silver platter. On October 6th, 2010 he left to resume his work back in Florida. On the morning of October 25th, 2010 I rec’d a call from his fiancee who was hysterical & screaming Jason was dead. My heart sunk and I dropped to the floor. Shortly after the Florida Detectives called to tell me also. The hardest thing was to have to call his mother & father who were away for a few days and tell them. Is that what you want….your parents to receive the same phone call!!

    He had been clean up until that nite which we know for a fact due to drug tests. Medical Examiner did confirm that it was a drug overdose and the amt they he used. When they say its “tuff luv” that we have to use, boy is that an understatment! What I’m st

    1. Cathy says:

      Sorry response was not finished. I also learned through this I was an “Enabler”. You will never know the guilt I carry every day because of this and will carry the rest of my life.

      I know what your mother & father are going through. I see him using the “tuff luv” which you will never know what it does to us….bascially telling us do what you have to do, even if it takes cutting you off. I am so glad ur father stepped in and did not walk away like me, otherwise trust me, he will be receiving that same phone call I did. God was there for my nephew those few times and did not let him die, but as I just told you it will not always be there. Please, for the sake of your family & children don’t do to them what was done to us, as this has devasted our family for the rest of our lives. You have your whole life ahead of you and may not get another chance.

      Please “wake up” and just do your best through this. My heart is heavy but his spirit if flying and the fight with the demon is over. This disease took his life but God took his soul and gave him everlasting life free from this disease! Faith will also guide you through this. Praying for you.

  18. Just a fan says:

    Charlie if you’re reading this…First of all, I am a fan and I don’t judge you. I realize you have an illness that needs serious immediate attention and I am relieved you are getting it now. This is what you call rock bottom and time to face your demons and conquer them. I KNOW your illness well, as my brother had it. Although, we were blessed to enjoy his total sobriety for the last 10 yrs. of his life, he died young, sober, and still handsome at 52. He left a huge void in all of us who loved him. I will always treasure those years. I have no doubt your family and children would love to have you back Charlie, before it’s too late. Get well and stay strong…xoxoxo Just a Fan

  19. Just a fan says:

    P.S. Don’t even read Gloria’s letter, this woman needs a hobby! She has no clue what a devastating illness this can be. Just move forward one day at a time–you can do this!!! I still love you Charlie and have faith you WILL beat this! xoxox Just a Fan Helen

  20. Savonna Taylor says:

    Dearest Charlie, You are in my heart and prayers. I know what you are going thru because I have been there and done that. Hell, it took me over 20 yrs to sober up and I still take pain meds for my physical issues – pain. I had the same addictions except sex thing. If I would do then I believe in you 100 %. If you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to attend meeting no matter what type, than I am here. I love you for what you are. Keep us posted ..a lot of people care about your mental & physical state and are rooting for you. If you relapse, get up and dust off your ass and try again. I’m in Texas but would be there in a drop of hat if you need me. Just want you to know I care about y-ou not self-worth etc. Love ya lots.

  21. Gloreen Smith says:

    Dear Charlie just love your hayday also was drinking smoking going to bars,but now at 70 gotta stop, so have a drink for me And people should mind their own business. Good Luck Charlie Gloreen

  22. Nancy says:

    Without men like Charlie Sheen, Gloria Allred would be out of a job. These liberals cry buckets of tears for prostitutes, and gold diggers, but support abortion. I do wish that the next time Charlie decides to go on a drug and alcohol fueled weekend, he would stop, write a check to me (so I could pay all my bills and divorce my husband) and use the money for something productive. Maybe all the celebrities could take one day a month off from drugs and alcohol and help some animal shelters, etc. etc.

  23. Nameless Nobody says:

    Charlie. I know who I am. I’m no body. But sometimes people who don’t know you can have words meant just for you. Words you have been looking for. You asked for an answer…Now it’s you’re turn again to take the next step.

    If you do not chose to ask what that step is I will leave you with some somthing to think about.

    No matter who you are you can suddenly find yourself looking back on a life that has changed and you know will never be the same again. So knowing that it’s going to change…Why not make it all change? Remake everything. Make it a place where that other life couldn’t have existed…Live like that’s the only way you ever lived. Chuck…There are thousands of us uprooted like that every day. And while most of us don’t have to bear having the whole world gawking over our shoulders anxiously waiting our next big mistake…We do have a choice to either spin out of controle…Or pick yourself up. Hun…when things get bad and the spin starts to take over think one thing to yourself…You remember God, you remember and some part of you believes that your son is not gone. And hun, if he is not truely gone he is there, seeing you, hearing you…And if in no other way then in every boy out there who looks to you like their dream father…And trust me, there are…As well as other fathers who look to you because they lost children too and they identify. Put your energy into the memory of your sweet boy and use the gift God gave you and start something for greaving parents…Be the role modle..Start out by saying “Yeh, I need it.” Then move on to “Lets find a new way for all of us to get our lives back”.

    If you ever see this I hope the message hits home and helps you out. The world needs to see you smile again hun. More importantly…You need to be able to look in a mirror again and smile at yourself.

    In hope this finds you


    1. Nameless Nobody says:

      P.S. I am very sorry I had to send that so publicly. But you are not like other people I’ve helped and easily contacted.

  24. Just a Nobody says:

    Extraordinary that you have a fan base that is strong but then not really as people seen the comedy talent that you bring to the screen.
    It is good acting. But maybe that becomes blurred and crossed in to your personal life.
    I often wonder what goes on behind the fame. Do people really know who they are or are they told to be someone there not?
    Like many I don’t know what has gone on in your life and like many other comments I don’t know you or never will.
    It is a shame as you have talent I love a good comedy something that you can laugh at when you are having a bad day as a normal person.
    I am lucky I know who I am and where I am going in life and I have true love in it.
    I hope you find the same battle the demons you have maybe find peace with who you are who ever that is.

  25. J D says:

    I am a big fan on Charlie Sheen. However he needs to grow up. I need to be there with him to clean up his attitude and he needs a good spanking. Somebody needs to teach him right from wrong and not have pitty parties. Just because he gets by with his outlandish ways and has money to get out of things is not right. Hollywood needs to be punished just like anyone else that does not have fame and fortune to get out of there ugly habits.



  27. Debra says:

    I do not know you Charlie, but I thank-you for the years of wonderful entertainment. What I do feel I understand is pain and mental torment is shown through anger. Your eyes tell me that you are very intelligent; maybe more intelligent than most. Maybe even so itelligent as to con yourself as our subconcious stores our true thoughts and outlook on others and life–yours are dark thoughts trying to spill forth. At present no one can change your thoughts, only you, and that may be to hard as changing is not the easy road to choose when you have so much tallent, so much money, and can have whatever you want really–so what is it you really want? Because your a star people want to rip and tear at you because they have a need for you to be what thier image of you dictates to them–so …….
    If your going to be a drug addict, booze hound, womanizer, or great actor — hey be the best you can be at it–just do not cry poor poor pitiful me later. Blame AA, or anyone that tries to help you for your personal choices in life is a cowards shield!!!

  28. T. says:

    Couldn’t even stomach a G. Allred letter long enuf to read it, such a lenghty pius tome — Wanted to say, as a diehard fan (sans the drugs, lots o the juice) — I want to stay a fan, Charlie. But somehow the “mean” in your TV counterpart looks meaner these days, even in reruns, it’s like a new light in light of your latest diatribe. Come back dolly, there’s a bunch of us out there rooting for you…,

  29. RainbowRay says:

    He’s human and he’s made mistakes, but “REALLY STUPID ONES” if you ask me. It’s okay to make mistakes in my opinion (that’s how children learn, by DOING), but at some point people have to grow up right and get a life?

    That’s what I’m trying to do with RainbowRay and Eric’s Mirror; to grow up, make a difference and to leave a hurtful and sorryful past behind which wasn’t a mistake, but a case of “dealing the cards you dealt with” and suffering for it.

    I don’t dream of making STUPID MISTAKES, just making up for lost years and making a difference and enjoying life. I hope Charlie takes this advice.


  30. clayton says:

    I think charlie is just living his life, you try to live in his shoes and i bet you would go insane. by the sounds of it he has a brain that works like mine which isnt easy, but makes for an exciting life, he’s right people are just jealous along with having archaic belief systems which are not relevant today. I think he may be overcompensating a bit and acting like hes a bit more confident with his recovery than he is but who wouldnt with the whole world expecting him to screw up again. but what does screwing up really mean anyway? as long as its victimless i see nothing wrong with doing whatever you want. anyway he seems like a pretty cool guy with some truly radical ideas. many genious’s and great people have been called crazy or told they were out of line only to become immortalized in history which charlie sheen, provided he doesnt let public opinion get to him, probably will. i would love to party with charlie sheen and admit im jealous of him and wouldnt mind picking his brain to see if his “crazy” radical ideas aboout life and reality are similar to mine.

  31. clayton says:

    oh and if charlie happens to read this, dont let anyone get to you do what you want you only get one life, no regrets. hugh hefner is a legend because of his lifestyle hes like 80 with beautiful women all around him. honestly if you can do it and dont, its an insult to all of us guys who wish they could ha. the only people who dont agree with me are religious people and people who arent intelligent enough to think for themselves, one in the same really.

  32. Toni marie Onorato says:

    Hi Charlie, I love you, I don’t know you , but I’ve loved you for 20 years, I’m in love with you, You are my drug of choice, and I’m addicted. I love the way you live your life, Your kids are your business, nobody elses, screw the media for lack of the word I’d like to use……I am 50 , far from a kid , and I am a little mentally irregular , i told my therapist ” Charlie Sheen is the only reason I live for , sounds a bit mental right? I wake up every day knowing I can see him. My doc said “if that keeps you alive , go for it………Your the best , and a WINNER….. I have only 1 mission in my life, is to actually meet you……pretty sad, isn”t. I love you , till I die

  33. Gus says:

    Why can all you stupid people leave charlie sheen alone…… Instead of talking bad about him, why don’t all you ignorent people put your selfs in his shoes and try to understand what his going thru… all this damn media and reporters are making charlie look bad….. Hey we all have our ups and downs and charlie its not a bad guy. I actually think his the man, even tho i don’t know him, i think his a great actor and specially in two and half men…..two and half man would be nothing without him….. they should thank him because they made so much damn money because of him…. so if your thinking about not having charlie sheen in two and half men then you guys are out of your minds…….. So let me ask you guys this…. all you people put him down and make fun of him and insult him but when none of this happend all you people love him and why not, but now with all this going on….. all you people do its talk sh……………………………..t about him……. I wish i could meet him in person and actually shake the guys hand because his awesome at what he does… and yea all you people are jelous of him….. i mean the guy hangs out with the most gorgeous girl and knows how to have fun… and so what if hes done drugs here and there… hey like none of us has not… its life so get over it…….. and you people should leave his daughters out of it… they have nothing to do with whats going on right now….. the problem is that the media talk more then they should….. if everyone leaves and stops talking bad about charlie then he would not be so mad about all this…. its funny how when an actor its doing well, all of you love him, but when his having a bad week or day or whatever you want to call it…. you put him down… if you like someone you should always help them or stand by them in good times and bad ones as well….. I WOULD LOVE FOR HIM TO GO BACK TO TWO AND HALF MEN BECAUSE THAT’S THE BEST SHOW EVER MADE BECAUSE OF HIM…. AND WITHOUT HIM TWO AND HALF MEN WOULD OF NEVER MADE IT THIS FAR..

  34. carla says:

    Charlie, ive been a fan of yours for so many years and the reason that i like you so much is because you are who you are,you never tried to hide it and i liked that about you… Im sorry to hear that you got fired but hope you prove them wrong and show them that your not going down the wrong road.. Dont let them win.. the more you destroy yourself the more happy you make them.. You say you have tiger blood, then use it to prove them and the world wrong and use that strong brain of yours to stop destroying yourself.. You can do it.. and what a slap in the face it would be to all the people who want to see you fail.. I hope the best for you!

  35. CJ Wolfe says:

    Dear Chuck,

    Can you please just shut up now? Please? The majority of us would like you to either get some professional help, or quietly go about self-destructing OUTSIDE of the media spotlight. Only in the theatre of your own mind are you an indispensable Adonis; in reality you are a ragged-looking man who has just lost his gravy-train job by ticking off your bosses. Your recent behavior suggests possible mental illness. You are quickly becoming an embarrassment to your family and friends, the punchline of millions of jokes. Your sons have even been taken from you, which would normally be a wake-up call for most people. Not you, however. Your penchant for boozing, popping pills and other recreational drugs and then whaling the tar out of whatever female compansionship you have handy isn’t winning you any sympathy. Unless you want to end up the subject of a Vh1 memorial tribute episode, I would suggest you reign yourself in and start really thinking about what it is you’re doing to your reputation (what there is left of it), and to your family. The lunatic rantings don’t make you look like anything other than another madman hanging onto his sanity by his fingernails and people are beginning to tire of your antics. Please grow up and deal with your problems the way that the rest of us do: privately.

  36. vf325 says:

    What bothers me about Charlie getting fired is that, its no suprise to the creators of 2 1/2 Men of his past drug use, womenizing and wacky ways. The only reason they made the desicion to fire hime now is because he insulted the” golden egg.” In fact Charlie Sheen has been the Golden Egg himself. Think about the chances a sitcom staring Cryer would be such a huge hit. Truth is also that, the show has now run its course. The actor that plays Jake is growing and no longer able to play the role he was hired for, a fat little cute cuddley kid. If the show is to go on it will be because or Charlies antics, his off the wall humor, his life after all on the set mimics the person he really is. I will not, NOT, not watch this show again without Charlie Sheens name in the credits. Granted he needs to take his personal life back and in control but that is when the people he helps to make millions for should stick by him and help him to get the help he so obvious needs.

  37. Pam Monroe says:

    Carlos, get help for your anger, your addictions, your foolish soapbox. you are wasting away. The children you brought into this world will suffer from your antics more than you or your fans or a T.V. show will ever suffer.

  38. Julie A. Barnes says:

    I wll candidly amit that I have not read all the opinions on this website. For good reason – I don’t want to bastardize what I considere original thoughts. The first is to congratulate Mr. Sheen for crossing the line in the sand that both the public and the media hyenas who skulk behind them have drawn in the desert.

    Like – why in the hell would they understand the complicated life of Charlie Sheetk et al? I see nothing wrong with the situation at this point. The twins have adorable “parents” whever they go.

    Charlie Sheen is an ubertalented actor and I don’t worry too much about his financial future. As to the pressures that sorround his lastest tribuations, I have only one piece of advice:

    Get thee down to Austin Texas!

    Hang in there
    Julie A.Barnes, CPA

  39. Kathy says:

    First let me say Gloria Allred is too many people’s business. Why on earth does a police officer in Colorado need to be one of her clients?
    Charlie Sheen has dug himself a deep hole and should neer have any of his kids in his presence without getting any help. Any court that were to give him custody of his kids after seeing him yield a machete on TV would be putting those kids in jeopardy. Charlie may not have a moral clause in his contract, but the courts should take his entire behavior into consideration when determining if he gets any visitation at all.
    His so called goddess’s are just riding the Charlie gravy train. Once that dries up they will be out of there.
    Charlie has pissed away at least a weekly salary of over 1 million dollars. I could sure use some of that money to support my family. Celebrities like Sheen who spend their money on drugs booze and porn stars deserve what comes there way.
    Charlie seemed to think he can handle all the drugs he has been taking. The drugs have messed of his brain. He has not handle the drugs, they have handled him.
    I suspect we will soon here of his passing if he does not get help. I pray that he gets help so when his kids grow up they don’t have to live with the stigma of being fatherless because their DAD CHOSE drug use over them.

  40. SLOAN says:

    In the beginning of this saga, I found it amuzing that all these doctors and so-called experts were weighing in on Charlie’s mental state/mental disorders, etc., based on watching him during interviews! Now I find it alarming. Since when did it become “crazy”, much less “illegal” for a grown man to have FUN with his life? Charlie has been made the butt of jokes for his “WINNING” slogan. It’s still a semi-free country and people can make fun of Charlie all they want to. However, Charlie is correct. Life should be about winning, or as I’ve called it all my life — FUN. Is there any point to life without FUN? Seriously, think about that for a minute. Have you ever known a miserable person? Does Charlie seem miserable to anyone? He sure doesn’t to me. Charlie seems focused, driven, smart, funny, has 2 (count them T w o hot chicks) — and on a mission to WIN. Win what you ask? Here is my take on his whole “Winning” slogan. Charlie IS two and half Men. No Charlie…no show. Period. Done. Next. Yeah they paid him decently well for his work, but he made “the big wigs” tons more money than what he was paid. And what exactly did they do to make the show what it was? Uh…hire Charlie. I’d feel more than a little unappreciated if I were in Charlie’s shoes considering what CBS/WB did to him. I would also want them to feel my wrath and also be made to eat an entire humble pie, not just a slice. The funny thing is, all my friends and even my family call me the real-life Charlie Harper. I don’t have either Charlie’s kind of money or I would have made both Charlie’s proud of my own version of winning/FUN. But I am the CEO of a $50m dollar a year company and also Charlie’s age, so I certainly have had my “own version” of Charlie’s life going on for a while now and I can tell you one thing….I EARN my money and I don’t take kindly to people telling me what I’m doing wrong in the game while their asses are siting on the bench. Life is short people. You better find a way to have FUN and WIN or move on. The line from the Shawshank Redemption comes to mind — Either get busy living, or get busy dieing. Charlie Sheen is living! Most of the trash talking about Charlie, his firing from the show, etc., is caused by small-minded jealous people. EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has critized Charlie would trade places with him in a minute….IF they knew that they could “get away with it.” So what does that say about Charlie? He’s having the most FUN and in my book, already has WON — THEY are misserable, unhappy, jealous little people.

    My only hope is that Charlie gets better advice from his advisors/friends from this point going forward. It seems as though no one has a game plan and are basically just shooting from the hip now. To much is at stake against the trolls that fired him to be reckless now. A bullet-proof plan needs to be implemented in order for Charlie to crush the gutless worms fighting him.

    Remember one thing people — None of you have any idea of the amount of frustration Charlie has had building up for years about the way he has been treated by CBS/WB. Yeah in some of his (media labeled) “rants” he seems angry and unfocused. But I have one skill for sure and that is spotting exceptionally intelligent people that have a clue about life. Charlie is one of the few out there. With the right people in his corner, Charlie will destroy CBS! Don’t bet against him, I wouldn’t.

    1. D. says:

      Charlie? is that you?

      1. SLOAN says:

        No, I’m not Charlie….nor do I play him on TV. However, I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night.

    2. Audy says:

      go crawl under the rock you and charlie came from. LOL your a gas…..

      1. SLOAN says:

        YES I am a gas….rich, and having FUN! You are a small-brained troll. Deal with it!

  41. D. says:

    Please get some real help before it’s too late.

    1. SLOAN says:

      Get help for what???? Winning too much???

      I think it’s everyone telling Charlie to get help are the ones who need the help.

      The man is kicking ass and taking names. He’s rolling the way he wants to roll…what exactly does he need help with???

  42. Pam says:

    Well Charlie, you have been partying quite abit. Why don’t you come to my house to chiil out and relax. No funny stuff, I am not a skinny sexy hollywood bimbo. I am a 56 yrs single mom. I have my 20 yrs old daughter, her 19yr old boyfriend and his 20 yr old friend living with me, so everybody is underage for drinking except me, but I am on a blood thinner and can’t drink that much anyways. Good way to just chill out and relax. Come on, I dare you to just show up and relax, watch tv and do nothing. It will do you good and help clear your mind. Weather is really nice in AZ and I am sure you will enjoy it, I dare you.

  43. Beenthere says:

    You are suffering from extreme Manic episode with delusions of your own grandiosity. You arent smart. You dont have tiger blood. You dont have Adonis DNA. You have Bipolar disorder and if you dont get help soon, you will crash and burn -real soon. Its not a matter of if but only a matter of when and who you take with you. Once you are dead you will have all the purient allure of M Jackson, a bafoon, a cartoon of your old self and in the end nothing but a pathetic joke.

    1. Audy says:

      HERE HERE!!

  44. NV says:

    MORE THAN A REPLY – Gloria Allred should “get help before it is too late”!!!!!!
    Charlie, as a concerned (80 year old lower level Charlie Sheen) lady, please take this info from ONE WHO RELATES! Phoned KEARTH twice…doubt it got to you.
    I was once on 80mg Prozack a day – ACA meetings on beach (THEY learned a lot FROM ME!) saved my life. Still careful – recognize symptons of depression – reach for 1/2 doses of Wellbutrin/Butrin low mgs. as needed – and my doctors (NOT PHSYCHRISTRISTS) KNOW I take what I want when I want…only SMALL amounts help!
    One last comment:
    Is that Lorre guy any relation to fabulous actor, Peter Lorre? Hope NOT.

    Would love to have a one-on-one to discuss this, BUT, you’re leaving for Haiti and I’m moving out of state.

    Don’t have Twitter, etc, but feel free to contact me if and when. I’d love to hear of your progress.

    Sorry, Sean Penn – after Pirates of the Caribbean – is my true love…well old enough to be his mother, but I can dream!


  45. Mary D'mello says:

    Dear Charlie Sheen,

    This is a personal note to you. My name is Mary D’mello I am from Alberta, Canada. I am a big fan of yours, i do understand what you must be going through and all the comments people all over the world are sending across to you, the media and so on. I know in my heart that someday you will be fine again I pray for you every day to come back to us. My husband and I watch every show of yours and we miss you we pray everyday for you. I know after reading my comment here people are going to strike back at me I am strong and I know that you will overcome this. Off cours there are a lot of people who are backing your action right now because they make money posing you. Money is not everything life and respect is the most important role in one’s life and I hope that you will read this comment of mine and if I could only meet you someday you will see the person I am full of respect for life. So please Charlie think of your precious children and make amends with yourself and with life and come back to us. GOD BLESS YOU CHARLIE AND PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FOR THE PEOPLE WHO STILL CARE ABOUT YOU AND WANT YOU BACK. Sincerely.

    1. Audy says:

      LOL!!! there are people out there who take religion waaaaaay to seriously.

  46. Bill says:

    If there was no Hollywood all these actors would be in a travelling circus shoveling elephant dung .

  47. bill says:

    too bad

  48. Jennifer Friez says:

    Hi Charlie!

    I think that there was a great misunderstanding and that all should look at the whole picture: the viewers, the staff, the revenues and just simply “get over it” and rehire you back to a wonderful show the whole world will miss.

    I will definitely buy all seasons on DVD and rewatch every epidsode over and over again. Intelligently dispensed humor, brilliant actors, directors, and producers…what a fabulous synthesis that makes a great show.

    I wish those that you worked with on “2.5 Men” would just “kiss and makeup” with you and get on with the show.

    Also, you say that you thought Mr. Cryer would have your back on this one. For future reference, remember, NO ONE WILL EVER put their job or reputation on the line for another colleague, even if you have done a lot for them or helped enable their success somehow. Perhaps in theory or mental assent, they might, but that’s as far as it goes. That’s just the politics of life and showbiz.

    Much luck, success and prosperity, Charlie Sheen! You deserve all the good that the universe will bring your way.

    As the old adage goes, put your sunglasses on for your future is bright and awesome just like you are!

    I will be praying for you and visualizing your success and a new comeback scenario for you. Bless you and your family!
    Yours always,

  49. Patricia says:

    Charlie…Calm down already. You have kids. I assume you want to see them grow up. But, regardless. I stilll watch your show.

  50. Jean says:

    You’re an arrogant SOB. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Shame on you. Going to Haiti is probably the only unselfish act you’ve done. You have no respect for anyone not even yourself or you wouldn’t behave this way. Shame on you for treating woman the way you do, how can you hit the woman you love, well, that’s not love. I feel sorry for your kids cause you’re not a good dad. You set bad examples. How does your father feel about how your behaving. I’m sure he’s disappointed. And don’t tell me you have no dough,LIAR. you make over 1 million an episode, you’re not even worth that. And if your wives have all your money,GOOD, they deserve it after all the pain and suffering you put them and your children through. GROW UP no wait, maybe that’s not possible, it’s probably too late, too many mistakes on your part. I sure hope you suffer for letting all your friends down and being the selfish pig that you are.

  51. Paul says:

    We have been watching your show for years now. We still watch about 5 to 6 reruns each day or so. We wanted to know if you could help us out on our child’s education Charlie?

  52. Audy says:

    Sorry buddy but you are washed up. This is what happens to people who become so consumed in the own vanity. Was a good show but after seeing these antics I stopped watching. Its time that you just go away as you are old news. Accept it and just go away most of us working class are just tired of people like you and we move on to something better.

  53. ed says:

    Dear charlie, people love watching your television show and your comedic abilities to entertain people. You are a loving caring individual who loves his family and friends. You would never kill anyone by selling cocaine or heroin. One piece of important advice mr. Sheen is go to church every weekend and take the bread and wine for the symbols mystery of god our father.

  54. suzanne skinner says:

    Carlos 5/24/2011
    No harsh words, but gentle suggestions.

    Your acting out like a hurt child is all you SHOW the world at this time. I bet your totally different at home. You have a beautiful smile and charming eyes. But you did not look your best in Cleveland. Comparing your appearance from the 21/2 Men.

    When we met and we did, I was the one in Cleveland Ohio and YOU were on my “bucket list. You gave me a big hug when I told you that you were #1 on my list. I asked you to take your hat off for a picture and..” You said to me ” mom I do not want to take my hat off….”Remember? Probably not.

    I also had to meet you, to really understand my son. He is very much like you without the money. He thinks like you and talks like you has for far too many years and I do not understand him at all. Your both cut from the same cloth.
    You helped me understand my son, for that I Thank You.

    I came to realize it was not me, that it is my son, like it is with YOU. And others are not to blame for misfortunes that come your way.
    Carlos/Charlie,there is an “elephant in the room…when you see it….get help; be the person you and your family can be proud of. Especially your children your mom and dad and your true friends. Not the fair weather friends with their palms up.
    The ones that up-lift you and love you unconditionally.

    I am about to raise my grandson because my son is much like you. Not fair to the 14 year old boy, he needs his dad not his grandma. His mother an alcoholic.
    Your children need you, the real you.

    If you have heard it once you have heard it a million times now , this I am sure of. Find help.

    I think I understand your way of fake out your real pain. Perhaps that is why you need 2 women? One to keep you grounded and one to play and have fun with?

    Carlos, I feel a fondness for you as a mom would; but your behavior must change for the better, to be considered a good human being and not a side show freak for the media and the public.

    I noticed your tailor seems very protective of you, he and I chatted. He seems wise and devoted to you. His he a man that can help you?

    Carlos-Charlie whomever, I have no idea why I care about you as a human being, but I do.
    What I took from your show in Cleveland, was not the canned word “winning,” but PLAN AHEAD. I loved that and use it frequently. It truly made sense and I could relate.

    So take your own advice and plan ahead for a peaceful future with your children, parents and true friends.

    We the world can only watch while you wiggle in pain and numb that pain out inappropriately.

    I will stop my lecturing of care and concern;
    I want my Carlos and the “good” Charlie back.

    I miss your voice, your smile; you! Come back whole Charlie,
    Come back….I miss you. Your worth it.
    I sense a confused, but good hearted person hidden deep within. I just have a sense it is there and I hope I live long enough to see it….
    Fondest regards
    Suzanne from Cleveland Ohio

  55. Kirklyn Viselli says:

    I’m concerned, Met his Uncle Michael Estevez at Glendale Adventist Medical Center, sad day. Met his dad Martin there. Many years ago I saw Charlie with his black cape in Ventura at a Hall Mark he had his friends with him. I was working at Los Robles Med. Center and saw Charlie. I want him to be well and healthy. It’s been along time since he was a kid on the Michael Douglas boat. Charlie if you read this please think about your children. Life goes by so fast. Kirklyn Viselli

  56. I for one, love Charlie Sheen. I am so inspired by his personality and swagger. I watched all of the videos on youtube, including the spoofs of his interviews, and I am actually IN LOVE. I watched two and a half men for the first time the other day and I was so interested in this handsome, sexy, BAMF. I formed a HUGE crush on the Sheen. He can do whatever, and whoever he wants. My dream is to meet him. Don’t hate just because you are jealous. Charlie Sheen is the fucking man. And now that I’m Legal (heh, heh) He can do ME anytime he wants.

    1. Pilar says:

      Dear Charlie, I calmly read all the comments that your fans do, wishing to improve your life and not waste it, each with its particular style and from his very personal point of view.
      I am from a country far away, I’m older than you, as a mom, I would just like to suggest you leave that environment as soon as possible. You are not compatible with that environment at this time. I am sure that if you traveled to a country in process of development as my country, Peru, you would have a chance to find yourself and be able to find inner peace, that peace that comes when you help the needy. The satisfaction of feeling useful, to give love to others, is much stronger than any program of rehabilitation. When you see that everything you’ve wasted valuable to others, you’ll notice that beyond the applause, fame, wealth and admiration, there are thousands of things much more rewarding and enriching, they can fill your spirit, which exalt and dignify any human being and you are no exception.
      I challenge you to do the test to give yourself to others differently, and I’m sure you will find the right path for your life, you will be the example for your children and all who admire you not only as a successful artist, handsome and intelligent guy, but as a person sensitive to differences and needs of other human beings.

      If you are interested in coming to my country please contact me, myself and my family we can help change your life for good. Sincerely, a fan who does not want you sink because I can see your potential.

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