xmas office party matt cardy How NOT To Behave At The Holiday Office Party

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Just because it’s been a terrible year at work and now you get to see your coworkers in a “different” light, don’t take advantage of the fact that you are loosened up a little from the booze to start saying everything you’ve ever wanted to your moron boss or your office crush.

While office parties can be “fun” (at least compared to working they are), it’s a proffesional function and not where you “let” loose. You don’t want to be the talk of the company for kissing the intern; you want people to commend you on how entertaining you are–for your extensive movie trivia or your interesting music blog. Not your kissing style.

Don’t Arrive Late

The early stage of a party offers a great chance to chat with senior executives in a relaxed atmosphere before it all gets too hectic.

Don’t Be a Wallflower

Don’t sit in the corner and chat with the people you work with every single day. Branch out and introduce yourself to people in other departments. You never know who could help you move up the ladder.

Don’t Lose Control

If alcohol is served, enjoy a drink or two, not 12. Getting bombed at a company-sponsored event may not get you fired, but it will make you the butt of jokes and could have a lasting negative effect.

Don’t Show Up the Boss

If he’s carrying on about something you know more about, keep it to yourself.

Don’t Tell Racy Jokes

No matter how much the atmosphere loosens up as the evening proceeds, there will still be people who can be offended–and who will remember it the next day.

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Comments (2)
  1. Laura says:

    How not to behave at a Christmas Party? Huummmm?

    Please leave all negative attitudes at home.

    Dont gossip about someone sitting next to you.

    Dont dance like your on a stripper pole, especially with kids around.

    Dont clean you plate, lick your fingers then beg for more food.

    Dont bring your roudy cliq and wild out like thugs and gangsters, you’ll scare everyone away.

    Just a few to mention, hah hah hah ( :

  2. Laura says:

    Dont dress wearing almost nothing because you trying to impress the crowd then get mad when people snicker, stare or laugh then ask what they looking at? LOL ( :

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