seven foods that can speed weight loss Seven Foods That Speed Weight Loss

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Eating more will not, except in extremely rare cases, help you lose weight. But there are some foods that can help your metabolism, and using them in your diet can give you that extra push to drop the pounds. Here are seven foods that, when coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can speed up weight loss:

1. Cheese – There’s an acidic compound in cheese that, according to a study, can help stoke your metabolism and get you lighter quicker. For best results, try it with a low-cal cheese like ricotta.

2. Almonds – Along with being lower in calories than most other nuts, almonds can boost the metabolism and help you stave off in-between meal snacking.

3. Coffee – Caffeine keeps you awake, and it can also keep your body active in processing food. But make sure to drink it black; adding cream, milk and sugar negates any caloric savings.

4. Green Tea – Three cups of the stuff can help burn an extra 30 calories a day, along with other great health benefits.

5. Eggs – Egg whites in particular are great for your metabolism. In addition, eggs for breakfast can help you burn more fat throughout the day.

6. Portobello Mushrooms – The big ‘shrooms can deliver copper, which helps the body’s metabolism, and potassium, which reduces salt buildup that can lead to belly bloat.

7. Peppers – A compound in chile peppers called capsaicin can help you burn an extra 100 calories a day. And don’t forget the water weight lost from having to sweat through a hot one, too.

The changes are not dramatic by any means, sure, but 30 calories here and 100 calories there can add up over time!

[Source: Yahoo!]


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