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boy airport teddy bear paul burns 8 Surprising Items That Send The TSA Into Tizzy

It seems almost impossible, but on the most average of airport days, transportation security officers usher through more than 2 million travelers. During the holiday season, that number increases exponentially. So how can you effectively save your time (and guards) at the security scan this year?

Aluminum Foil Wrappers:

Why they catch attention: Hello, metal detector! Candy, gum, snacks and cigarettes packaged in foil cannot escape the metal-detecting airport security systems.

What to do: Empty your pockets of any and all offending foil before passing through a metal detector.

Retractable Keys

Why they catch attention: Seems innocuous enough but many retractable keys (the kind that pop out at the press of a button) can look like small knives in an X-ray image.

What to do: Although, it’s not the type of item that’s guaranteed to get you pulled aside,we recommend retracting the keys before you send them to get scanned.


Why they catch attention: Besides being kind of a fashion faux pas, headbands often contain metal frames and triggers the detector.

What to do: Avoid being pulled aside by sending your hair accessory through security ahead of you on the X-ray belt.

Small Alcohol Bottles

Why they catch attention: Respectively, alcohol must be less than 3.4 ounces, bottled in original container, and contained in a one-quart sized, zip-top bag.

What to do: As long as you follow the 3-1-1 requirements for liquids, you should be ok.

Snow Globes

Why they catch attention: You went to Hawaii and bought a souvenir snow globe; sorry, you are going to have to leave it in paradise! Most crystal balls surpass the 3.4-ounce limit and aren’t allowed in carry-ons.

What to do: There’s no way around it—snow globes need to be checked.


Why they catch attention: Given that these objects are a medical must for some travelers, they are exempt from restriction, but you might get questioned.

What to do: To avoid unwanted questioning, Gaches advises travelers to inform officers in advance if they’re carrying an inhaler and make sure medications are properly labeled.

Underwire Bra

Why they catch attention: You ever see a woman stuck at the security point, and the TSA can’t tell what she’s carrying? While the TSA swears this shouldn’t be an issue, many say the metal in an underwire bra has triggered a secondary “wanding” after passing through the metal detector.

What to do: Simple. Wear a cloth bra on flight!

Jars of Peanut Butter

Why they catch attention: What? We never would have thought of that one! Anything that can “conform to the shape of its container,” such as cold cream, toothpaste, or, yes, peanut butter, can upset the swift flow of the security line.

What to do: Plan ahead and pack “conformable” liquids in the bags you’ll be checking. Peanut butter sandwiches, on the other hand, are perfectly fine.

  • What are some of your safe travel tips? Is there anything weird that has held you up at airport security? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Yahoo! Travel]


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