10 Things Party Guests Won't Tell You (But You Need To Know)

christmas party ae pictures inc 10 Things Party Guests Won't Tell You (But You Need To Know)

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It’s Christmas party time, which can be a negative and positive thing. The positives are plentiful: Spending time with your friends and family, wearing silly holiday sweaters. The negatives? Not knowing exactly what the holiday rules are! Most everyone knows the simple rules: Bring a bottle of wine and follow up with a thank-you note.

But if you are the one throwing the holiday bash, make sure you are conscientious of your partygoers’ needs!

1. Put some thought into the food you serve—and how you serve it.
Whether you have just appetizers, a full meal, or a buffet, make sure that the food can be eaten standing up or that you have enough surfaces to eat on. Maghan from Gainesville, Florida, says: “Not planning the wineglass-plate-fork scenario makes it awkward for everyone. Either have plenty of seating and wineglass surfaces, or commit wholeheartedly to finger foods.”

2. Be upfront about the guest list.
Maybe you think hiding it is the best way to get feuding friends in the same room; think again. It will just make both of them not come! Agnes from New York City says: “I find it annoying when people hide the guest list on Evite. I want to find out if I’m going to know people there or if I should bring a friend.”

3. Make sure there’s enough room for everyone to mingle.
“An overcrowded [food] display is a real turnoff,” says Brynn from New York City. Keep everything well-organized, letting people know where essential things like the trash and the bathroom are.

4. Make an effort!
“If you don’t care to make things festive, then don’t bother throwing a party,” says Brynn. “The holidays are special, and should be treated that way.” If you are going to have a party, try to have a “party” atmosphere including decorations, music, quirky clothing, and games.

5. Don’t forget about the bathroom.
This should be common sense if you are goign to have a party but Marie* from New York City says, “Cleaning your bathroom is just as important as making the perfect cheese plate or holiday punch. Nothing will tarnish my impression faster than a bathroom straight out of a gas station with empty toilet paper rolls to boot.”

6. Don’t try too hard.
“Forced party games are a clear sign of desperation. If guests can’t simply enjoy each other’s company, you should maybe reconsider your friends,” says Allie from Seattle.

7. Make it clear whether kids are welcome or not.
Make sure you stipulate whether it’s an “adults only” party or whether “kids are welcome” on the invitation.

8. Keep Fido and Fluffy out of sight.
People might love your pets, but for their safety (and for the allergy sensitivities of your guests), keep your pets locked up in a safe, quiet room with plenty of food and water.

9. Don’t be a neat freak.
“I hate being told that red wine won’t be served because the hostess doesn’t want stains anywhere,” says Brooke from Los Angeles. “If you’re that uptight, don’t have a party!” For Brynn, taking off her shoes is another faux-pas: “Nobody likes walking around in someone else’s house barefoot or in just stockings. If the tenants downstairs will throw a fit over too much clicking and clacking, then perhaps you shouldn’t be having a party. If it’s your white rugs you’re worried about, maybe you can splurge on a few area rugs for the occasion.”

10. If you can’t afford a party, don’t have one.
“It’s tacky to invite people over for a party and send a follow-up email the next day asking each guest to contribute cash commensurate with how much they ate or drank. Just ask us to bring over some wine instead.”

  • Is there any advice you have for party-throwers? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Yahoo! Shine]


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