flat belly moment for getty images Tips For A Magically Slimmer Waist (Minus The Inevitable Gym)

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Ugh, we know. Holidays are fantastic for food frenzies; you can shove random treats in your mouth that normally would never cross your lips. But–not shockingly– your hips will hate you! There’s nothing wrong with a little faking to turn yourself from cookie-fat to fiercely fit. Just remember that it’s temporary and you might want to consider joining a gym in the New Year.

1. Get a high-waisted bike short. We can swear by these including the Skinny Britches by Spanx. They aren’t as uncomfortable as the other forms of shapwear, plus they are easy to pull off. Just make sure you get the kind that go all the way to underneath your breasts, so that you don’t have muffin top.

2. Try a shapewear top. Spanx actually have some that are kind of chic and along with the bike shorts, they suck in almost everything. ALMOST EVRYTHING.

3. Buy a new bra. “If you get a new bra, you’re going to help your waistline, because you need to hoist the girls up as far as possible. You want to have a long, lean torso, so you want to get your boobs up – and most women are not wearing a cup size that’s big enough, so they’re hanging down and their bras are all stretched out. Bras don’t last forever. People don’t want to throw out their bras, but they really don’t last forever. The elasticity in them goes, so you have to get fresh bras that really boost your boobs.”

4. Create an illusion. You know the all black trick. But guess what? If you wear clothes of all any color, it will create the illusion of slimness.

5. Boost your belt.Another trick is to fake a smaller waistline. Rather than put a belt across the widest part of your waist, you can move a belt up, right under your bra. That’s where most women are thinnest. So, it’s an optical illusion. You’re giving yourself a built-in empire waist. Just make sure the belt isn’t super thick, because you don’t want your boobs resting on the belt. Not a good look.”

6. Go empire. You can hide your less than curvaceous waistline. Just don’t get a tent top. Smaller (that fits) is better than bigger. Bigger makes you just look…bigger!

7. Strap on stilettos. “Wearing heels always makes you look thinner and that’s really easy.”

[Source: Stylist]


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