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One of the preeminent deciders of all things fun, frugal, and fashionable in terms of travel, Yahoo! Travel, recently published an article of things not to do in different cities. Check out their list of Los Angeles excursions lacking local pizzaz and see if you agree!

From Yahoo! Travel:

Things NOT To Do In Los Angeles


Bother with Venice or Santa Monica Beaches

“Venice Beach is known mostly for its wacky inhabitants who stroll the boardwalk along Ocean Front Walk. The outdoor freak show is entertaining for about 10 minutes, but eventually it starts feeling a little creepy. Plus, the beach itself is grungy at best. The Santa Monica beaches to the north are certainly less weird, but they’re also much more crowded, thanks to tourist magnets like the seen-better-days Santa Monica Pier and the chain shops on the Third Street Promenade.”

Our opinion: Yeah, for locals Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach can get a little played out. But there are tons of amazing restaurants less than a half-mile inland for both beaches and tourists who have never seen Venice Beach will get a kick out of our 24/7 beachside hippie culture.


Head to El Matador or Manhattan Beach

“If you prefer a little serenity with your surf, head north from the Malibu Pier to the rugged, isolated beaches between Broad Beach and Decker Canyon roads. El Matador Beach, a secluded little cove with funky rock formations and plenty of parking, is a great place for a picnic or to catch the sunset. If you’re looking for sun and sand but not necessarily solitude, head south from Malibu instead, to Manhattan Beach, a family-friendly stretch of sand with great surfing, a playground, and volleyball courts. This popular spot can be crowded, but the city does a stellar job of keeping the place pristine. And there are plenty of cool shops and fun cafés to explore on Manhattan Beach Boulevard, the area’s main drag.”

Our Opinion: These are definitely gorgeous places to visit, but they are more of a day trip than an hour or two destination. Our call: visit Venice Beach in the morning before it gets packed and then head down PCH to Malibu for the rest of the day!


Shell Out for Star Maps

“Whether you pick up a $5 map from a vendor on Sunset or spend a few bucks more for a guided tour, you’ll find that most of the information you’ll get on celebrities is woefully out-of-date. Here’s the thing: Most celebs don’t actually live in Hollywood, or even Beverly Hills. They generally gravitate toward more secluded areas. The ones who do have homes in the thick of it treasure their privacy and have erected fences and hedges to foil looky-loos. So, skip an afternoon spent rubbernecking to catch a meager glimpse of a house where a star may or may not live or have lived.”

Our Opinion: We totally agree. The only thing those maps are good for is to take you into beautiful neighborhoods you might not have the inclination (or directional wherewithal) to see on your own.


See Celebs in Their Natural Habitat

“Serious stargazers should check into the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills and spend the day by the pool, where chances of spotting starlets are about as good as it gets. Or dine nearby at Madeo, a family-run Italian joint favored by the likes of David Beckham and Salma Hayek, which serves the best bolognese in town. Much of the Hollywood set (Tom Hanks, John Cusack, Minnie Driver, and Sean Penn, to name a few) is based in Malibu. For a sure thing, head west to the Malibu Country Mart, just off the Pacific Coast Highway—it’s the go-to place for everything from yoga classes to Nobu sushi to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.”

Our Opinion: True. Sometimes you see a celeb out-and-about in their day-to-day activities, but it’s not a given and it’s slightly stalkerish. A better bet is to just go eat, drink, have fun at places you think seem fun and to disregard where the “celebs” hang out. If you are only coming to Los Angeles to see stars, then you might have a better chance of that at your local movie theatre.

  • Do you agree with this list? What’s on your “not to do” in Los Angeles list? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Yahoo! Travel]


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