Top 10 Most Popular New Year's Resolutions

new years eve Top 10 Most Popular New Year's Resolutions

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As we near the end of the calendar year, most of us take time to reflect on the past months of highs and lows in our lives and hope the next year brings us a brighter fortune. Year after year we make our annual New Year’s resolution in hopes of self betterment on the way to remaking our selves.

For many of us sticking to a New Year’s resolution is a feat of its own, which brings us to making the same yearning ambitions like losing weight or to stop smoking each year. Check out the top resolutions made each year on the road to self-improvement, is yours on the list?

1. Lose Weight/Get in Shape: After indulging on sweets and fatty foods during the holiday season, the new year is the perfect time for many of us to join a gym and start exercising off those Christmas cookies.

2. Stop Smoking: There’s no question that kicking the habit will have numerous health benefits, but becoming a non-smoker will also improve your finances, relationships, and the environment.

3. Stick to a Budget: With the state of the economy in the past few years, sticking to a budget has become harder to accomplish. The key to sticking to a solid budget requires a little self-discipline to prevent overspending on unnecessary items, but over time it becomes routine.

4. Find a Better Job: The new year gives a sense of a free do-over if you’re unsatisfied in the career choice you’ve made. If you’re asking yourself “am I in the right career?” the new year might be a good time to reassess whether your career choice matches your current interests, beliefs and skills.

5. Get Organized: Start the new year off right by reorganizing that cluttered desk, deleting all your unwanted emails, and start planning your days. Getting organized not only reduces stress, but makes you much more productive when you’re not rushing around at the very last-minute!

6. Help Others: Another popular resolution is to give back to the community by volunteering your time to help others. Showing generosity through mentoring a child, volunteering at a homeless shelter or helping out at the local library makes others happy as well as yourself.

7. Learn Something New: Always wanted to learn a new language? How about picking up a new hobby like golf? The new year is the perfect time to challenge yourself by learning something you’ve always wanted to do.

8. Spend More Time With Family and Friends: Instead of consuming yourself in your work or projects, put aside some extra time to spend one on one time with your loved ones, because they won’t be around forever.

9. Manage Stress: We all dream of getting through the day without the headache of stress, but it’s a lot easier said than done. In the new year, take the time to relax, planning ahead, eating healthy and staying active to help eliminate stress.

10. Manage Debt: If you’re up to your eyes in credit card payments and bills, use the new year to start fresh and manage your finances so you don’t get overwhelmed with bill payments.

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  1. Rainbow Ray says:

    And don’t forget the most important one #11 DON’T MAKE ANY!

    Rainbow Ray

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