five new airline fees Five New Fees From The Airlines

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A fee for food. A fee for bags. A fee for … talking to an employee? Get ready, because the airline industry is not done with your wallet yet. Here are five new fees that experts are saying we could be seeing sooner rather than later:

1) Paying to talk with someone: With so many people booking airfare online, airlines need to make up the salary of ticketing agents somehow. Enter the “live booking” fee, where it costs extra to talk with someone who can help make a reservation.

2) Baggage fees for everyone: Spirit Airlines already charges you to bring carryons, but other airlines are looking at ways of doing the same. The most common: Fees for “priority boarding,” which means that by the time the non-priority boarders take the plane, all of the bin space will be used up, forcing flyers to … pay a bag check fee.

3) Overseas baggage fees: Thus far, most international travelers have been spared checked baggage fees, at least on one piece of luggage. Look for that loophole to get closed.

4) Fees for small children: If a child sits on a customer’s lap, they are rarely charged. But aside from the safety issues at play (especially when turbulence is involved), the airlines know they are losing out on a baby-sized revenue stream there, too.

5) Pay to be special: Perks and frequent flyer programs often spare the fees on their members. Those could be going the way of the dodo soon, too.

Have all of these extra fees affected your travel plans?

[Source: Gadling]

  1. RainbowRay says:

    Of Hey, I know; how about a fee for “breathing in the airport and on their airlines”, that’s free isn’t it? (for now!). Why am I not surprised!!

    I know this sounds sarcastic, but after reading this article, it deserves this kind of response. Of course, it could be worse; one day there could be a fee for people who have the letters “A” to “Z” in it (sarcasm again I know).

    Have a great day!

    Rainbow Ray

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