tom cruise and katie holmes Tabloid Thursday: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Debate Where Suri Should Be Schooled

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The National Enquirer says Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are at war over Scientology school for Suri. According to the Enquirer, there is a bitter tug of war over where little Suri will go to school with both parents having a different idea of what experience little Suri should get.


Tom wants Suri home schooled like his two older kids Conrad 16, and Isabella 18, but Katie wants her to attend a private school where she can make friends.

Suri turns 5 in April, which is when her official Scientology education is supposed to begin, but Katie has another plan that Tom doesn’t like. Since Katie had a traditional education at Notre Dame Academy, an all girl’s catholic high school in her home state of Ohio, she wants Katie to have the same experience.

Parents, what do you think is the better schooling experience for a young child? Is it better for children to get the social experience from school or is home schooling more beneficial?

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  1. Shari says:

    Let that poor baby go to school where she can make some friends her own age and have the experience of friendship with others…get her a break from all those grownups…especially that dad of hers…what a nutcase.

  2. RainbowRay says:

    First of all, what kind of entertainment source is The National Enquirer? (not much if you ask me).

    Second, in my opinion a young child is better off in an environment with AMPLE SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIES. I am so big on this theory because I was denied so many social opportunities growing up due to tragedy and trauma in my family (totally dysfunctional) and literally having had to sacrifice my entire childhood for them.

    That is why I would STRESS to parents (I’m not one yet, but hope to be one day) to give your children all the social opportunities in life that they can have. A school/daycare environment does this (no matter what type of religion it is), a school provides this environment.

    This is no joke because it is your child’s welfare and development we are talking about here and in my opinion if you want your children to grow up to be competent individuals in society then give them as much social experience opportunities as possible; believe me you won’t regret.

    As for home schooling, there are people who are very comfortable to this idea and to each his own I guess, so long as they have the social opportunitie with friends and their own siblings then that’s what counts, doesn’t it?

    For myself, I have put my past behind and now look at the lack of opportunities growing up as MAJOR OPPORTUNITIES now which I am pursuing (Eric’s Mirror and Rainbow Ray).

    I hope people will take this advice because I am sincere and want to make a difference as I make my way and yes, it was pretty bad or I wouldn’t be pursuing my dreams or giving this advice on blog even.

    A little food for thought, take it or leave it. I’ll leave the Enquirer —-ALONE!

    Rainbow Ray

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