Gary and Lisa Explore The Disney Dream Ship With Richard Gregory of Disney Cruise Lines

disney dream ship1 Gary and Lisa Explore The Disney Dream Ship With Richard Gregory of Disney Cruise Lines

Photo by K-EARTH 101

Talking with the man with the happiest job on earth, Gary and Lisa got a detailed look at what the Disney Dream Ship offers on board to guests straight from the man in charge, Richard Gregory.

With limited vacation time most families have these days, you really want to take your family on a memorable experience, and Gregory assures that your dream vacation starts with the new Disney Cruise Line “The Dream.”

[pullquote quote=”You want to make sure everybody’s gonna be happy. I think the Disney Cruise Line is a great option.” credit=”Richard Gregory”]

Finally setting sail on the open waters is the sister ship to Disney’s ‘The Wonder,’ the 40 percent bigger and better Disney Dream Ship is pretty much everything the name says. If you’re looking for a perfect family getaway that kids and adults will absolutely love, Disney Cruise Lines is your match.

Not only does the Disney Dream have the first ever water coaster aboard a ship The Aquaduck, which goes over the side with a stunning, yet frightening view of the water below, it has plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

“People think the Disney Cruise Line is all about families, which we are. Of course we take care of the kids, but I think the adult experience is really what is surprising to guests,” says Gregory

Guests will enjoy relaxing in the spa area or dining and grabbing a cocktail in the adult district as well as having a play area and activities for children of all ages to enjoy. And don’t worry about losing track of your children, they can’t wonder off too far and there are wave phones to communicate to each state-room so you can touch base.

If you want to make your next family vacation an experience you’ll never forget, check out the Disney Dream Ship for an exciting experience!

“You want to make sure everybody’s gonna be happy. I think the Disney Cruise Line is a great option,” assures Gregory. Listen to what you can expect from a getaway on the Disney Dream!


One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    That would something great and fun to do with our kids one day, right Fiona? Fiona? II MISS YOU FIONA!! (ha!) Es loti Milu my little coconut gove. Love, Rainbow Ray.

    All about FAMILIES, that sounds pretty good to me.


  2. RainbowRay says:

    “It’s a Small World” on Disney Cruise Lines, right?

  3. Doreen Means says:

    Thanks for the infor Iam looking into taking my family on a crusie and this sounds perfect!

  4. Diana Goldman says:

    Lookie here fellows (and gals)…..
    IFIN I could only win SOMETHING (especially this one, although as per my last post re:running out of gas, the free gas-deal wouldn’t be a bad idea for my current situation:)
    I would love to win THIS one….my son and I had season passes to D-land for years when he was little…would run over to D-land for a few hours several times aweek to just have some fun.
    I can’t get any ADULT with whom will stand in the (ridiculous)lines (unless it’s raining, and that’s fun to go then too)
    I would love a few “Park Hoppers” and then (anonymously)donate the Cruise to a child and their family at Choc in OC (or Long Beach Memorial) to help make a undeservingly sick childs life a bit more magical.
    Hey Jim, you can be the ‘donor’ of the cruise. Deal Mikie?

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