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Entertainment Report: Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Celebrity Role Model of 2010

miley cyrus Entertainment Report: Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Celebrity Role Model of 2010

Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

She may be a teen star in music, movies and TV, but 18-year-old [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm] isn’t the best role model for teens. According to a poll on, teens have voted Miley the Worst Celebrity Influence for the second year in a row, despite avoiding jail and rehab in 2010.

Her continually risqué behavior has teens questioning her image and even think she’s a worse influence than [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm]!

Miley Cyrus topped the list as the worst celebrity influence on teens and even beat out Lindsay Lohan, who spent 2010 in and out of jail and rehab. There weren’t any direct reasons why Miley was ranked as the worst influence, but her string of bad choices may have been a factor.

In December, Miley was caught on tape smoking a legal hallucinogenic from a bong called Salvia, plus there were a series of photos of her taken in clubs and not to mention her overly sexual fashion choices and behavior in her “Who Owns My Heart” music video.

Over 53 percent of users on voted that Miley’s behavior was a bad influence on others, and beat out other troubled teen stars including Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lovato and Teen Mom Amber Portwood, who rounded out the top four.



One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    “Choices”, that’s what life is about, right? Hopefully, making good choices and not bad ones. I guess Miley and Lindsay would be good examples of “POOR ROLE MODELING”.

    Then again, it all begins “at home” doesn’t it? Why should any child or teen have to RELY on celebrities and look up after them i.e. by imitating how they look and what they wear. There is no point of doing this, really!

    Parents should be the REAL ROLE MODELS (positive parenting does work when one has the knowledge and has the experiences to apply that knowledge.

    I would suggest to kids or teeens reading this blog to take this piece of advice from someone who grew up WITHOUT LOVE AND STRONG PARENTAL ROLE MODELS:

    Be happy with who you are, both inside and out. DON”T RELY on models or actresses who are a BAD INFLUENCE; they can’t help you. “God gave you a beautiful brain; use it, don’t abuse it or you’ll LOSE IT!”

    That’s the piece of advice I would give my kids one day when they are old enough.

    Hang around with “genuine friends” who are positive people (hard to find, but not impossible I know; take it from someone who has had a lonely life and knows what “NON-GENUINE” friends are like; trust me, you don’t need them).

    There are all sorts of clubs and organizations, volunteering , etc to get involved with. You think you’ll find a positive role model on Facebook or MySpace (good luck if you do!)

    Make good choices in life and you’ll go far; make bad ones and follow celebrities who don’t make good choices then your not being true to yourself; you obviously don’t know who you are (as Rainbow Ray says, “BE RESOLVED, GET INVOLVED!” and for older kids, that means–LIFE.

    Don’t rely on celebrities, be your own person. If you are fortunate enough to have parents or relatives that really “LOVE YOU” then you are fortunate; for those who are reading this wo aren’t as fortunate (living in dysfunctional family situation like I did for many years), then hold one, help is coming (there’s always “ERIC’S MIRROR” and “RAINBOW RAY”, right?).

    I offer this advice based on my own experiences and from what I have read and learned. LEARN ALL YOU CAN AND STAY IN SCHOOL and you’ll go far.

    Don’t follow celebrities who make bad choices; be true to yourself and be your own person; it will pay offf, trust me and it will rub off on others as well. Let the celebrities do what they want, but you have your own brain, so use it.


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