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tight strings tuesday Valentines Day Gift Ideas on a Budget


red rose Valentines Day Gift Ideas on a Budget

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That lover’s time of the year is approaching once again, and if you want to show your significant other just how much they mean to you, but don’t have much money to spare, try these gift ideas that say “I love you” without burning a hole in your pocket.


Here are a few ideas to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your partner without breaking the bank.

Minimize rather than eliminate: Instead of purchasing a dozen red roses for an exuberant amount of money, buy a single red rose or maybe a small box of chocolates to let them know you were thinking of them.

Homemade gifts: Hallmark cards are overpriced and sometimes don’t say exactly how you feel, so why not make your own personalized card that expresses just how much they’re the only love in your life.

Stay in for a romantic night: Face it, if you haven’t made a reservation at a restaurant by now, there’s a slim chance they’ll be able to fit you in. Instead of dealing with an expensive and crowded night out, cook your own homemade meal and pop in a romantic movie and snuggle on the couch all night!

Take a walk down memory lane: Look through old photos throughout your relationship and reminisce on your favorite times spent together.

Exchange cheesy, but thoughtful gifts: You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on diamonds and flowers to say “I love you.” A simple trinket like a goofy keychain or personalized music playlist that reminds you of your loved one can be just as thoughtful as diamonds.

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Comments (2)
  1. RainbowRay says:

    All great ideas (Valentine’s without my Stickybuns, Fiona! Oh Lordy! What is I’se gonna do???? MIss you lots sweetheart this Valentine’s Day and am thinking of you every day. Dreaming of the day we meet in Memphis–BELIEVE ME THAT’S GONNA HAPPEN!! (make up for all the crappy years I’m leaving behind to pursuie my Rainbow Ray and Eric’s MIrror dreams for you).

    Here’s a poem for my Fiona (also, My Sharona, get it? for Valentine’s Day:

    My Fiona Valentine

    Written by the one who
    Loves you most

    This is to my Fiona Valentine
    The I love the most
    Although were not together this year
    Please consider this poem a toast:

    Here’s to you on this day of Valentine
    To you your simply quite divine
    Your big brown eyes that twinkle so
    When I look at you they tell me that
    You love me so
    I think of your long dark hair
    I wish I could help you come it there
    Your brown supple skin and luscious lips
    Tell mee that I am longinf for a kiss

    Alas though I must wait because I
    Sacrifice for dreams that I contemplate
    For both of us these dreams are for,
    For LOVE, For LIFE and a whole
    Lot more

    A toast to you this Valentine’s
    Fiona my dear
    And I am sincere!
    Your pookypants and studmuffin
    Rainbow Ray
    I love you, miss you and am
    Thinking of you everyday!!

    How was that guys??

    All those ideas are great, but how about writing a poem for your loved one or a song (could be a sports theme guys? Do her eyes remind you of bowling, football or baseballs or how about a hockey puck?? BE CREATIVE!!)

    Hallmark is a great card; I remember seeing Nancy Mckeon in a Hallmark commercial that she did back in 81. Very touching!! Hi Nancy!!



    P.S Still don’t care about LOVE making a fool of me!

  2. RainbowRay says:

    Pardon the grammar and spelling mistakes in the poem typing this in (like Christina Aguilera sining the national anthem, I was “caught up in the moment”).



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