family fun wednesday Create Recycled Paper Valentines Day Animals With the Family!

arts and crafts Create Recycled Paper Valentines Day Animals With the Family!

Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with an afternoon of quality family time engaging in a fun arts and crafts activity! Bring your kids together around the table to create adorable Valentine’s Day animals made out of recycled paper tubes and lots of imagination!

From the arts and crafts gurus at is a fun project the whole family will love to celebrate for Valentine’s Day. Just collect a few empty paper tubes and print out this animal stencil sheet and dive into a whole day creating your own zoo of animals like a giraffe, dog, cat or pig!


  • Paper tubes from t paper or paper towels
  • Scissors
  • Empty cereal box
  • Pencil/ marker
  • Tacky glue to fortify leg joints
  • Paint/ brush


1. Make various sized animals, depending on the length of tube you choose to start with. Giraffe was made from a paper towel tube and cat was made from a toilet paper tube.

2. For legs, cut a slit on each end of the tube to desired leg length. (center area will be the body. Now make an angled cut on either side of the slit to form the legs. ( angle will be away from the center cut.) Cut away the sections next to the legs, cutting around the tube so that you now only have the center body area and the legs.

3. Bend legs down and then, using tacky glue, smear a bit of glue on the topside and bottom side of the leg joints. Let this dry with body lying on its side. This will help strengthen the legs and keep them in position easier.

4. Meanwhile, cut out patterns for the heads and ears and then trace onto a section of the cereal box or similar box. Cut out, making slits for joining where indicated.

5. Make curly tails from sections you have already discarded when making the body & legs.

6. Make 1/2 inch slits for the head and tail on the upper side of the body.

7. Paint all pieces and let dry thoroughly.

8. Assemble your animals. Make a whole zoo of animals, making any funny animal you can imagine.

[Source: Ziggity Zoom]

Comments (2)
  1. RainbowRay says:

    Gotta make sure I print out this one. Do you guys keep these pages in an archive??

    Arts and crafts great creative fun for the entire family!


  2. Randy P says:

    Thanks for the great craft idea (My daughters loved making these animals) and pointing us to!! They’ve got a lot of great crafts for kindergarten and preschool kids and my girls have really enjoyed playing the games and coloring activities too. Great find!!

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